Help! Stained kitchen taps!

poodlelooDecember 7, 2002

Just a couple of weeks after installing new kitchen taps (chrome), I used a product called "Lime Away" to remove hard water marks.

Since I never had a problem with this product before, I put it on and around the faucet and left it for a few minutes. When I rinsed it off, disaster! The faucet is all stained and streaky-looking! I've tried several things to remedy this, but nothing works.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Or does anyone have a suggestion?

If worse comes to worse, the taps will have to go, but I'm loathe to replace an almost-new faucet.

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I've always used vinegar for hard water deposits, sometimes you have to leave it on for awhile,(put it on a papertowel, wrap around faucet or knob). I don't know if it will help your streaking, but I bet it won't make it worse. Maybe baking soda, on a toothbrush, scrub around on streaks? These are both non-toxic. Good luck. Sounds like the you had a chemical reaction on the chrome, with the lime away. Check the label, or call a car restoration shop, they might know what to do with chrome problems. Hot rod shop, too.

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There are products (Gel Gloss, for one) that are made for polishing chrome and different surfaces to shine them back up. It is a temporary fix, you'll need to reapply every once in a while.

It's basically liquid wax, just like you'd use on the car.


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Thanks for the responses!

I've looked up some information about car chrome online. It seems I may be stuck with my streaks. I'll check out the Gel Gloss, however. Maybe it can offer a temporary fix.

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