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Footbush2December 1, 2005

I have a basement and about once or twice a year it floods. A couple years ago I bought one of those big air blowers that you see in hotels and such. It's saved me BIG TIME! Since I have actually bought one more that's a little better (it has a handle, okay I'm lazy...)

I used to have to rip up the carpet, dry it all out, paying some guy to come over with one of those big blowers. Now I just hurry and get the air mover going on it and I haven't had to tear up carpet and there is no mold or stink!

I bought the Windsor Airmover a couple years ago and just bought the Windsor Windhandler cause it has a handle and wheels. Both "blow" the same, but the Windhandler's easier to move around. I'm sure they're available elsewhere, but I found mine at

Hope this tip helps! It has saved me LOTS of money and headaches.

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Good idea. I have a clotheswasher that floods once a twice a year,and the water runs into my bathroomm with a rug. The rug is just a loose remnant,cut to order and I can prop it up when it gets soaked,but it would be nice to get it dry quicker. I will look into getting an industrial blower.

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I bought the Windsor Windhandler carpet dryer listed above from Uclean and it's great! My basement always has water problems and I've used it a couple times already and it's a lot better than ten stationary fans blowing and not making it dry.

It's a little loud when turned all the way up, but I guess that's to be expected.

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Footbush, isn't "uclean" your company?

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