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carolyntxJuly 11, 2011

Holy smokes, folks! It's a sad comment on our times if I'm the first one to be here today!

We're having another cool-front day, it's only 90, sunny, and windy here so far today.

I hope all our regulars get the chance to check in and see that I'm actually posting a bit more than normal! :)

Have a wonderful start to your week!

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Hi there Carolyn, Just you, me and the chickens....

It's a bit cooler here today too.

Carolyn, I have met so many wonderful people thru Meetup.com! There is something for everyone! I would be kayaking by myself if not for my kayak meet up group. And my deep sea fishing trip was with yet another meet up group. Let me know what you think..

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Nite, Carolyn ; )

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%&(%@ Just lost my long post!!!

Quick HELLO!

will be back later.

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I've been missing for quite awhile but the scarcity of posts looks like we should all sign in even if we have little new to report.

I'm doing pretty good after all my challenges but still get very tired quickly.

Our weather has been very hot and humid but to-day is much nicer. We had so much rain awhile ago but now we really need a good shower.

I keep knitting and crocheting to support chemo patients, and homeless men and women. It keeps my hands busy while I "listen" to T.V. in the evenings and any other time.

I'm holding my own with my weight but do want to at least get the 4 pounds off that I gained over the last 6 months and would like to get off another at least 7. I'm still down 40 pounds so quite pleased.

I would also like to know how to curb my appeatite as the posting above questions. I walk near food and I have to have some. I was told that drinking a cup of hot water would help. I think maybe it does.

I still have my urinary track infection so water certainly isn't going to hurt. Pretty simple to do. I used to find that chewing sugarless gum also helped.

Well that is it for now.

Wishing everyone the best.

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Hey, everyone--

I accidentially created a group for us on FB. I say it was accidentail b/c all I was trying to do was organize my friends list, and I inadvertly did this. Please click to leave the group, and from what I've read, the group will disappear after the last person has left. (There's no option on FB to just delete the group--sigh.)

Sorry about this, and I hope it doesn't cause anyone any problems!!

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Good Thursday evening, everyone!

Maddie, I actually kind of like having a room on FB. But, I'll do whatever the group wants to do.

I have a dinner date tonight, and I just returned from having a mani/pedi! There's something so rejuvenating about getting pampered like that!

Ivamae, I hope your UTI leaves you soon. Otherwise, it sounds like you're doing pretty well. Good for you!

Hi, Dee! When's the next vacation? I love to read about your travels. Mine this summer consist of going to and from Walmart and the library and back home again. It's been so darned hot here that that's about all I feel like doing right now.

Well, ladies, time to shower and pretty up for the evening. Wishing everyone a good Friday tomorrow!

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oooola,la! Carolyn, have a fun evening.

Ivamae, I hope your UTI is coming along. You have been through so much this year.

BJ, and Peggy, where are you?

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Hi Everyone!

I've been MIA. My laptop died, got another one and managed to spill and entire cup of fresh coffee all over it, soaking the keyboard....talk about getting depressed. Really could not afford the laptop to begin with but hubby said it's our only real form of entertainment and he insisted. We don't have cable or satellite or antenna out here. I wanted to use an older laptop of his but apparently it's dying too. He's working on removing all data now before it shuts down for the last time. I left the laptop to dry for a couple of days....fired it up and the keyboard still did not work. Major depressive. So I hooked up a keyboard. I did not feel like talking much because the laptop was the icing on our financial cake...we're fine at the moment but still watching our pennies. It just got to us. Dave was even looking to spend a further $200 to get/replace the keyboard. I said no. I'll use the keyboard. Today I tried the laptop keyboard and it is working completely fine. It apparently needed more time to dry out. Thank you Toshiba for continuing to build better and better laptops!

So I'm back. Emotionally it's been a rough week but I'm snapping out of it now. Dave just installed our first piece of kitchen yesterday - the sink unit with 3 drawers on the side. It's beautiful. 6 ft long with the second piece to be built as a mirrored image on the other side of the stove. First he's taking a break from cabinet making to make some storage shelves for his shop. It desperately needs to get stuff off the floor properly and room to sort his small stuff better. Safer working environment.

It's late and I'll be off to bed in a few minutes. Tonight I watched Joan Crawford's 1945 Mildred Pierce online. WOW - what a great girly movie. I love black and white movies. She was fabulous in this movie.

We're hitting a 5 day run of hot weather (by my standards) - 86F or 30C. Tomorrow morning I'll be watering my gardens and again in the evening. I don't care to lose my started tomatoes and peppers that are finally appearing.

Socially this week has been very good. Finally got to spend decent time with our neighbour/friends across the road. They had us over a few times last summer/fall for proper dinners when we were living in the trailer. I was able to do something nice for Gail - I made her bedroom curtains which she loves. I was pretty pleased the way they turned out considering we went to a major charity shop and got a beautiful large silky looking table cloth in a purple/burgundy and a lavender/gray heavy curtain for the backing to add weight and keep the light out at night. We also had great girly time and got together here for a card night. Much needed. Very much needed.

I'm back - I'm sure BJ will be back soon too!

Still maintaining my weight, drinking water or heavily watered down ginger ale. I'm not nuts on pop, just bored with water sometimes. I only use part of a can. The rest goes back in the fridge for another day.

Sweet dreams everyone - will be in touch tomorrow!


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Good Friday all,

I too like our room on FB but I want to be sure that it is really private as I would not share many things to just anyone. Also, there are friends here who are not on Face book who would be lonely if we just left.

Carolyn, how was your date?? Do tell.

Peggy, I hope your day goes well. Besides the laptop fiasco it didn't sound like things were that bad. I know what it feels like to be financially strapped and it's not fun! It will improve in time I am sure.

What is everyone up to this weekend. I was supposed to away with the horses this weekend to Chocoura in the White Mountains but I just got back on Wednesday from Vermont and I haven't even got cleaned up from that trip completely! I think staying home is a better idea. Home sweet home.
Lord knows there is plenty to do here!

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Happy Friday!

This weekend is more of the same everyday since I don't work. Do something in the house. Do something outside. Watch something online, read news online. Wash something. Oh sugar - I have washed towels and they're not in the dryer! Thanks for reminding myself!

Keep myself occupied with something to have a productive day. Eat 3 meals a day to maintain weight, pay attention to eating fruit and more veggies. Drink more water.

Pretty exciting eh? Actually for me enjoying everything I do, in it's own time is important mentally. Getting outside this weekend in the mornings and evenings when the temperatures cool, poking around the gardens is my excitement. Making slow progress on the weed wars (using up house wrap from the home build to cover weeded paths and laying gravel on top). Oh, getting tree branches to support my tomato plants too is on my list this weekend.

So far so good. As of this morning, a couple of things causing stress have been resolved so both of us here are feeling a little lighter as well.

Let's make this a fun weekend - remembering to take care and do something special for ourselves. LOL.

It's great to be back - I've missed everyone this week!


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Okay, I get that it's the weekend. I'm back so look out!

What is everyone doing? I'm attacking my outside chores in 5 minutes before it gets too hot (we're heading into a heatwave over the next few days). Having my breakfast first (working on bad habit of skipping or forgetting about it). And I'm having some ice water with me outside. (Not drinking enough water these days and feeling sluggish.)

Fighting overwhelming urges to sleep - my period has changed since January to every 2 weeks (blood work on Monday). Not menopausal yet - no hormonal blood work evidence - so they are ruling out other things. I still say it's hormonal female changes - frick'en hormones! This week before it started I literally had to sleep in the afternoon, and I mean sleep. Just not me. Sure cramps my style! Boo! I keep forgetting my age (don't care about age, it's whether or not I can do the things I want to do). I'm 47, 47, 47, forty-seven. That should sink in for a few days. Forty-seven. Maybe I should wear a wrist ban so I don't have to take my socks off to count whenever someone asks. (I have to write math in the air with my finger to mentally calculate - unlike hubby who lives and breaths numbers!)

Oops it's almost 9:30. Have to get breakfast going, wash a few dishes and get a move on!

Take care of yourself today.

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