Dealing with a broken pipe, moisture problems.

swanzDecember 10, 2006

I'm renovating my attic and one of my baseboard heaters sprung a leak. Water got

under the subfloors into the loose fill insulation, some made it to the basement. I've ripped

up some subfloor and the 1st inch of a large section of the insulation between attic and 1st

level is soaked. It's gonna be a bear to rip up all that subfloor and dump the wet insulation.

Do I have a choice?Might this moisure evaporate and go away on it's own?

If I do nothing will it stick around and create killer mold?

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If you have a dehumidifier, or can borrow one, it will do a whole lot better than what appears to be that little hot heater in removing water/moisture. Blowing a fan to keep air moving over the damp would help too then. Bigger dehumidifiers will be mucho faster. You' might be suprised how fast things may dry out.

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That's good news thanks. Will give it a shot.

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A few questions. How long ago did the leak happen? How much of an area are we talking? Do you have that musky odor? I'm in the restoration business and typically we allow only a 3 day grace period before we would attempt to dry in place instead of remove. There are acceptions to this so tell me more about the insulation, looks like rockwool or cellulose. Any information you can give will help with my response.

Also, you don't want to apply a heater to the insulation. You need air movement and dehumidification. The heat will just promote mold growth faster. If it's an unconditioned attic then you will need to pump dry air into this space.

Let me know if you need more info.

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