Wet underside of roof

chesdin2December 9, 2006

This actually isn't a disaster yet, but I need to figure this out quickly...!

We have a 1920's cape-cod style house in Massachusetts with an asphalt-shingled roof. We had it re-roofed this summer and the contractor used ice and water shield over virtually the entire surface as an extra measure of protection against leaks.

Now that cold weather is upon us, we noticed that it seems damp in the attic eaves and some areas of the underside of the roof decking are damp.

My concern is that the roof is now so "tight" that moisture is getting trapped in the attic and condensing on the cold underside of the roof decking. (You hear stories of this sort of thing happening if people vent dryers into the attic, etc.).

Could there be a connection here? Would the solve be to improve the ventilation? I have a couple of small gable vents, but nothing in the ridge or down near the soffits. This was absolutely not a problem before we re-roofed.

I'd appreciate any advice or thoughts about what to do next.


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probably so. my house had only a few gable vents and no soffit vents either. i put a powered vent fan in one gable and cut both the heat AND humidity significantly. cost about 75.00 for the fan, and i had a light right there to tap for power so i wired it myself.

or you could put in a few soffit vents, the more the better.

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Have you gotten your issue figured out yet? Do you have water heat? I had my house re-roofed and re-sided last spring and the exact same thing has happened in my walkin attic. It is so wet in some places that it is dripping onto the floor. We just had a contractor here that said there appear to be enough vents. He said that we need to direct the bathroom vents outside instead of into the attic, and to put in a soffit vent and a fan with a humidistat(?). He said that's where we'll start, maybe put in a gable vent and add to the insulation. If you've tried something that's worked, please let me know...thanks!

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End the Hard Soffits & go with Ventilated ones. If you don't you have set your roof up for Failure.

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Throw in a ridge vent or gable vents as well. SolaTube makes a solar powered attci vent that is easy to install and is powered by the sun.


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