Chapstick Accident

southmomx2December 9, 2002

I posted this on the Cleaning forum. Thought I'd try here, too!

I accidently washed and dried a tube of chapstick in my daughter's jeans pocket. Now all my darks (including 3 BRAND NEW Christmas shirts) have grease spots on them. Any hope of removing these?

Thanks! Michelle

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Try washing them again. The chapstick should come out in the wash. It probably melted in dryer not the washer the first time.

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I would use one of the pre-treatment spotters on all the spots and let it set for an hour or so before washing again.

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I would recommend washing them by hand, in Dawn dish soap. It took bacon grease out of my washable silk shirt! You can always rinse a second and third time in the washer.

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