Woodpeckers, hole in house, how to rid...

lotodigDecember 30, 2007

I just started reading some of the posting here and have seen a lot of useful information.

On the other page I was reading about a homeowner who was having trouble getting rid of a Woodpecker.......well I know a sure fire way to get rid of them, and no it's not the BB gun.

We bought a fake snake and stuck it in the hole with just the head and a little of the body sticking out. Problem solved!! Never saw the woodpecker again. By the way, we have done that at two differend times on two different houses so I'm pretty sure it is effective.

Seems like we found the fake snake at a toy store, or you could probably find one on the internet. If you can't find one you could try a piece of black plastic pipe or piece of garden hose and put on some kind of "head" with eyes and mouth.

Just a tidbit of info in case anyone else runs up on the same problem.

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they are after insects,, many times ants, rid the area of the bugs and bye bye birdie..

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I found another way to keep the woodpecker from pecking on the house. I had that problem last winter and earlier this year, so I hung out a couple of suet cakes for woodpeckers.
Now they peck the suet cakes and the tree they hang in and leave the house alone. I also get the pleasure of watching them from the dining room table.

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I saw this on TV a week or two ago. It was on that house inspector show. They had to replace all of the siding in that area.

To prevent future damage they said.... Take some aluminium foil and with the shiny side out, fold it into a strip about 2" wide and put some string or fishing line on one end. Then you gently swirl the foil like a pigs tail and hang it near where the woodpeckers like.

The wind catches the swirl, the foils spins like a whirly gig and the sun sparkles off of it. It supposedly scares the peckers.

Course you could always do what my Grandpa did on the farm. Sit under the shade tree with a glass of ice tea and a BB gun. LOL

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I had the same problem, tried bird off, noise makers etc, nothing helped, finally bought a pellet gun, this solved the problem. May sound cruel, but it worked.

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Oh, man, iggie, the feds are gonna' get you now! Posting about killing songbirds is like posting that you committed a crime (well, you certainly implicated yourself even if you didn't come straight out with a confession of crime).

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Never killed any but scared them good, anyway they left and have not come back. Also this was about 10 years ago, sure statue of limitations have kicked in.

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