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andrelaplume2October 2, 2006

I am glad I found this forum. Perhpas its too early to tell on the newer type tvs but in general are there certain brands to avoid. I see a bunch of problems posted here on Phillips and Magnavox. I would have thought them more reliable. Then I heard they make Sylvania---I have never heard anything good about them.. Is it best to stay with Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic?

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If you are talking about flat panel lcd tv's, I have a Phillips with no problems. I own several (sony, panasonic, samsung) and all are great. Where you run into trouble is the features. Some brands ot models (westinghouse, magnavox) dont allow you to change the format to and you either lose picture or distort it. You want 3 or 4 options to take all viseo sources into account.

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No matter the brand, you will find someone who is unhappy with it. I have heard that there are many Philips/Magnavox postings here because other Web sites link to this one as a source of answers about these brands; the fact that people keep posting Philips/Magnavox questions perpetuates its top ranking as a place to ask Philips and Magnavox questions. I don't know as I would read too much into it.

I recently read an article about the brightness of LCD TVs and how certain (name) brands were better than the "no-name" brands and some of the "legacy" names (like Westinghouse and Polaroid, which even in their heyday were not known for making TVs). I don't remember where I saw it. You could use Google or some other Web search engine to find articles about brightness and longevity of LCD and plasma screens. Might point you in the direction of a technology and brands to examine more carefully.

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