Bleach Stain on colored formica

icasanovaDecember 18, 2012

I damage my colored formica with bleach. I have a bleach stain in my countertop colored formica ( salmon color) and can't take off the stain. I tried with silver cleaner, baking soda, oxiclean also a mix with baking soda and water and hve no result. I want to know is super iron out is safe to use in my colored formica and how to use it also the reconstituted lemon juice. These two things are my final attempt to obtain result. I will appreaciate any suggestion. Thanks a lot.

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It's not a stain, it is bleached- the color has been removed.
Nothing can restore color that is no longer there.
Perhaps a deft hand using touch up paint could achieve an acceptable result.

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Plastic laminate [Formica] is layers of paper thin plastics, or in the industry, just paper. Your bleach treatment has worn thru the paper to lower layers of a different color OR as stated above, you have bleached the color out.
In seeking a repair, be mindful there are other laminate companies to obtain a match, or possible the original color?
Wilsonart. Pionite. Nevamar. All are plastic lamninates like Formica.

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Agree. It's not a stain, it's "lack of colour." It will otherwise remain functional, but replacement's your only option.

Wearing through the colour also happens, I have a light coloured counter, and dark is starting to show underneath.

If the cabinets etc are in reasonable shape, you could go for new countertops, or, if it's a current colour, you may still be able to get it, and replace just the one countertop.

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