Tweeter on top of speaker--will it sound better?

tobr24uOctober 3, 2006

Some brands are now touting tweeters on top to give better dispersion. Are you "buying" this, and should I buy this? While considering a new pair of speakers for some time this new approach has caught my eye and I wonder about the merits vs. the price, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Again, it comes down to what it sounds like to you. Greater dispersion often means a greater "sweet spot" for listeners (typically A Good Thing), though some of the quality of the sound will depend on what the speaker manufacturer does with woofer and midrange drivers and on room acoustics. I certainly would not give greater consideration to a speaker just because of its construction; I would want to hear what that greater dispersion does for the sound in the room.

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Thanks, steve, it gives me more reason to shop and listen some more...LOL!

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