cyberhome 300 dvd player

jwolseyOctober 21, 2006

i need to how i can fix my dvd player it will play cds just fine but it wont play my dvds i put a dvd in it and it starts to read it and than it says to insert a disk hope u can help me on this is very good player tks jwolsey

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Will it play any of a DVD? I assume you've tried different DVDs (including commercial DVDs if all you've tried are ones you've burned yourself). If the answer to both suggestions is 'no', you can try getting one of those devices that cleans CD and DVD players. However, you might find that the cost of one of those kits is about half the price of a new DVD player of the caliber of a Cyberhome.

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yes i have tried all dvds and the only thing it will play is cds it w3ill not play any kind of dvds.jwolsey

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I would be DVD-player shopping if I were you. If you can wait a few weeks, someone is likely to have a cheap "Black Friday" special. I would stick with better-known brands, though. It's not like Cyberhome (and others of its type) has a long history to hold up to.

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