Warning - Native Healing Ways

tammyo_2008July 23, 2008

I feel itÂs my responsibility to let you all know of my recent experience with Native Healing Ways out of TN & SC. I am new to the HCG diet and decided to try the online ordering of preloaded syringes self injection. But $350 for 6 wk program, plus the initial $149 start up fee, is a lot of money for me, so I thought I was smart in ordering the first weekÂs dosage and planning on reordering by mid week, the rest of the 6 week dosage, if I felt it really would work, like IÂve heard. So I started, exactly following the diet/program, and it worked  I did lose 11 pounds the first week (including 6 lbs I gained from gorging). So I reordered the 6 week supply in time to continue into week 2. Well, this 2nd batch didnÂt work. The energy wasnÂt there and the appetite suppressant wasnÂt there  it was quite noticeable to me. I consulted with NHW, even the owner, Noka Noble, and they would insist that there isnÂt such thing as a "bad batch". I gave it 3 weeks continuing to take this 2nd shipment of serum, following the very restrictive diet, only I ate approximately 1000 calories per day(couldnÂt keep it below that), and I mostly had no energy, and I eventually lost 1 pound in 3 weeks. From all IÂve read, that is not how itÂs supposed to work. I guess I have no choice but to write it off as a big loss of at least $350  thatÂs hard! But at least I can warn other people. I have ordered the sealed HCG from drugdelivery.ca and the mixing kit, and will start over the diet  I feel this should work like IÂve read about it working for so many people! Any comments are appreciated. Good Luck.


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