I really need a dvd recorder

andrelaplume2October 4, 2006

First I was buying a cheapie ($89 cyberhome or something). I want to convert 30 or so VHS to DVD. I did not want to spend a lot on a Panasonic or something because I thought I might wear it out. Well, folks here seam to think that should not be a concern. So, there is a $150 panny out there that people seem to like. Now I am thinking, after I burn my 30 VHSs, what will do with the thing? Burn some camcorder DVD a few times a year? I am back to thinking the cheapie is the way to go...unless I use the thing as a VCR replacement for the 5 or 6 shows I record weekly. Does anyone consistently use their DVD recorder like I use my VHS; to record 5 or so shows a week? Again, is this what the thing was designed for or is it too much wear and tear. Obviously I'd need a rewritable DVD to record and re-record shows on. How long do those last?

Now, in a world where I was a bit wealthier I guess the real solution is a hard rive or better yet a DVD recorder with a hard drive. I am not in that world though! Advice please?

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Pooh Bear

I bought an Ilo brand about a year ago.
I tried using it as a VCR. Worked great at first.
Then I started getting bad DVD RW disks with it.
It still records DVD R just fine. Just not RW.

If you only have 30 or so VHS movies,
DVD R would work just fine for that.
Go rent a recorder from Rent-A-Center or some place.
If these are commercial video tapes they won't record.
But home made VHS tapes will record just fine.

I just got a Tivo box. Free with a one year commitment. $12.95/month.
And I can transfer recordings to my computer.
Not sure, but a Tivo box should take a VCR input.

I suggest renting a DVD recorder for a week or a month
and see if you like the results you get.

Hope this helped some.

Pooh Bear

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One other option is that there are people out there who specialize in transferring video from tape to DVD. If you live in a very small town, there might not be anyone local, so you might have to visit a larger town or mail away your tapes. But it can be done.

You might want to find out the costs of doing that vs. buying even a cheap DVD-R and spending your time transferring the videos. If they are not just straight transfers, though (that is, you don't want to rearrange or cut parts out), it may be easier to do yourself than to show someone else how do it.

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