Somethings in my wall!!

pastorcswifeDecember 11, 2002

The last few nights we've been hearing a loud scratching noise in out walls. Yesterday I was cleaning and found what looks to be a little peice of round poop, the size of a small marble, in the corner of my room. My husband checked the attic and found some type of nest made out of shredded newspaper. Is it a rat or a squirrel?!? I havent been able to sleep because I keep wondering where it is! Any advice would be very helpful!

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set a trap. Use a live trap if you like them better. You could also put some moth balls in the attic drive them out. Don't throw them around. Put them in a can and set it up in the attic.

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I would recommend that you check everywhere for the opening that your squirrel or mouse is gaining entry from. Most times, there are air holes, covered with screen, that vent the attic. Just replace the screen, and don't forget the mothballs! You might want to locate the source of the newspaper for the nest too. The animal may be getting into things you'd rather he not disturb. If you meet up with the "guest" DON'T corner it, they can bite. Maybe a pest removal company, for safety's sake. Good Luck!

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See other mouse postings within this area. I had good luck by plugging in one of the ultrasonic repellents on the wall my critters were in.

I had already searched in vain for their entry point as had an exterminator. Since mine were always in the wall, I had no place to set out a trap, and I find traps unappealing anyway.

You can always save the receipt and give the repellent a try. If it doesn't work, return it. My little critters tried to come back 4 or 5 times, got annoyed and couldn't wait to get out. Then they didn't return. I am now a year without critters!!!

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How do I know if is a squirrel, rat or mouse- I had mice before and this sounds MUCH louder. There are no droppings anywhere- cupboards, attic-anywhere that I could find- except that pea size peice of "stuff" I found in the bedroom that looked liked poop to me- is that what squirrel or rat droppings look like?? One piece and round? This is becoming a mystery trying to figure out what it is??

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leave a loaf of bread nearby
Maybe you can get an idea what it is by the size & depth of the hole in gnarls out.

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Exterminators know how to tell what animal the droppings came from. The ultrasonic repellant works on all rodents (even hamster pets so if you keep rodents as pets you shouldn't use it). So it will work on mice, rats or squirrells. Likely it is either the mouse or the squirrell.

Remember the noise will be louder within a wall because they really have to squirm in there to get around obstacles.

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TREKaren... can you tell me if there is a brand of untrasonic repellent that works better than others?

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No I bought mine at Lowes. They had different levels for how many sq ft they covered, and I bought the max. Can only vouch for my personal success, so save your receipt!

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The poop you describe(size of marble) tells me it is not a mouse(size of rice grain). Could be squirrel or rat or raccoon. Squirrel or raccoon you should see a hole somewhere that they are using to get in. A rat in the attic seems a bit odd to me but I would not rule it out.

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Any chance at all it could be an opossum? What you describe by the louder than a squirrel noise, is what we had. All living comfortably under the house, under the bathtub. Quite a creepy feeling to have them there. Now there are screens around the floor air spaces and a new ground crawl space cover. No more noise for months. Having cats at the time never discouraged them either. Now there are no critters of any kind. I like the peace and quiet.

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This is kinda gross...but rat poop is just the same as mouse poop just a large grain of rice.
I would use a live trap in the attic and put grape jelly on a paper plate in your trap for bait...animals always go for sweet stuff. That is what my son uses to catch coons and other animals in. We always seem to have something in the barn!
Karen L

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This is very unscientific, but it sounds like a squirrel to me. We had them in our garage in out last house and before I plugged their entryway, they had torn apart some cardboard boxes to make their nest, and it was a high nest, like the one in your attic.

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