Fill my head with knowledge on solar hot water heaters

sniffmeisterSeptember 10, 2007

Hello everyone I have an extreme interest in learning more about solar hot water heaters! I used the "search" function but didn't find exactly what I'm looking for.

We're planning on building a home in a few years in our hometown near Seattle. It will be between 2,000-3,000 sq ft and house 4-6 people (all the variables will depend on if due to poor health my parents need to move in with us). We're planning on having radiant floors on at least the main floor.

Our property is heavily wooded with birch and few cedars and we will be clearing a building foot print of 30x50 with a 10 ft clearance around that.

I'm hoping to do 1-2 solar hot water tanks (1 for the family, 1 for radiant floors) with back up electrical systems, but wanted to know if in a climate that is known for being overcast 9 months out of the year AND trees on the property if it would be worth it?

Also, do you have an estimate on the costs?

thanks in advance!

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We're already planning on passive solar heating, but given the building footprint of our house (because of nearby wetlands, we're restricted to a 30x50 footprint), the southern side of our house is the smaller "30 ft" section. So while we can do some stuff with passive, it likely won't be enough to make a huge difference.

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