I'm loosing the electrionics war!

momcat2000October 18, 2006

I guess I just want to vent.I'm loosing the electrionics war at my house! Everyone's fighting over the computer and I will NOT buy another one, the boy's have bought their own TV's for their rooms, printers, speaker wires,scanners, video games, the basement is a nightmare of wiring, backyard speakers and so on. I keep adding outlets and uping my panels but When Will It all Stop! Now the boys want to get a flat screen, but I'm going to make them pay for it. Just so I have an opinion, what would be a good one that they could take with them if they ever (!) move out?

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The electronics war will stop when you want it to. It sounds to me like this spaghetti bowl just kind of grew. It's possible that a structured-wiring system would make it all easier to manage, but that's a considerable investment at this point and it sounds like things will be better once (?) the boys move out.

As for flat-screens, I'm assuming you mean either LCD or plasma TVs. I'd stick with the bigger name brands: Sharp, Samsung, Sony (though IIRC they get their LCDs from Samsung), LG, Toshiba. I know people who've bought Syntax Olevia sets and been happy with them for the $$. I'd avoid "old" names like Magnavox, Sylvania, and the like -- they're just brand names, now, with no relation to the companies which earned them the name recognition. And I certainly would avoid brands you've never heard of before. Not to say they're all bad, but do you want to fight the odds?

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Steve, thanks so much for the advice. That's interesting information on the TV's, I think they are looking at LCD's.

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Electronics is a disease that usually starts at a young age, especially with boys. The affliction can last a lifetime with no known cure, though a lack of financial resources, a mother, or a wife may impede the progress of this disease. So, bear with it and do not enable them; also, tell them that when they have a place of their own they can hook-up and wire away to their hearts' content...!

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I think my next husband should be an electrician, so HE can handle all this stuff...LOL

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