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ochensatiJuly 29, 2006

So after an embarassing start, I will try again. I am a naturally thin man that got fat. I gained 15 pounds on my honeymoon (vegas baby) and then 25 with my wife's pregnancies. I have tried all kinds of diets to get it off but I was too good at maintaining my weight. I even started riding my bike to work 26 miles round trip in phoenix sun. Nothing worked. Until I stumbled across computer diet journaling. I used an unnamed journal for the lst 2 months and the weight has come off easily. I still have 15 to go, but I am losing 2 pounds every week like clockwork.

The funny thing is that now that I have started journaling, it seems like every expert in the world is advocating that. We need bigger brains to catch all the information that is thrown at us

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Gained 15 pounds on your honeymoon? so much for what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas....

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Journaling has been an important part of dieting for decades. Nothing new about it. It's amazing what writing it down will do even if you eat the "wrong" foods. If we just eat it, we forget it. Write it down and you tend to think about what you put in your mouth. Also useful for seeing what went wrong if you have a bad week.

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One reason (and there are others) why I have gotten so fat is that when I started gaining, I KNEW I was gaining weight and so I quit weighing myself. Wish I would have FORCED myself to get on that scale every morning even after a night of having ice cream. Oh well. I seem to be on the right track now which includes weighing myself every day.

Sounds like you are DEFINITELY on the right track. Congratulations!

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Thank you for the encouragment. Vegas definitely stayed with me. I had never heard of journaling, so it was wonderful for me. No silly secrets, i get to eat more than i expect and I can exchange foods for better foods. It is almost a game.

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I agree it is almost a game. I am competing with myself to see if I can beat the odds of over-eating or eating the wrong foods to help me lose those pounds. When I read my food diary at the end of each day it's like, "did I really want that" or "I could have had twice as much of that instead and would've enjoyed it more" or "would've been a perfect food day if I'd left that along" or "I need to eat more veggies tomorrow " or "wow I still have room for a serving of ice cream if I want" etc. Just like balancing a checkbook.

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Does the site give you a listing of other food options for the foods you ate that day?

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no, it has a two week nutrition check that will suggest better foods, but no exchanges.

I always plan the ice cream..keeps me on track so I dont lose my treat. :)

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