stir_fryiOctober 21, 2008

I just ordered a Sony Handycam Mini DV camcorder. I am confused on how to get the video to a DVD for storage. I know (correct me if I am wrong)that I can view my recorded video from the camera to a TV.

I also know I need a firewire cable to copy my recordings to my laptop. Question is -- does a firewire cable plug into a USB port or is there a special card my PC must have?

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FireWire is different than USB.

Some DeskTops / Laptops have FireWire ports.

Some Laptops can have a FireWire card added.

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You also need software to operate the FireWire port, to capture the video output from the camera. Software was not included with my camera, but I found several freeware/shareware programs that work nicely. When the software is installed, it will recognize the FireWire port and attached camera. In my case, I simply turn the camera on with it connected to the computer, and the capture software operates the camera in playback mode (with controls for play, pause, forward and reverse scan) to pull the video into the computer as a file, saved in a choice of formats. The file can then be processed through video editing software and burned to a CD or DVD. FireWire can also record a video signal back TO the camera/tape.

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Ok - although my laptop is only one year old, it does not appear that I have a firewire port -- only three USB ports.

Oh well, I guess I will taking my mini DV's to Ritz Camera.

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Most Computer DVD players (Laptop & Desktop) can play mini DVD's.
There's a small circular section in the DVD tray that holds them.

You should be able to just transfer them to disk and/or eventually a full-sized DVD.

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MiniDV is a tape format, not DVD.

If your laptop has a standard PCI expansion port, you can surely add a FireWire card to it. There may also be FireWire on PC(MCIA) card.

If not ... well, limited expandability has always been a strike against laptops.

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