your 'slice of heaven'and all that thinking

icecreamgrannyDecember 11, 2003

I am just sitting here..thinking...and wondering what in the world was I thinking about when I moved the wood pile so far from the house! I know it had something to do with the mice and other wildlife that wanted to live in the woodpile, but the structure is just filled with other things and the mice still live there.

It seems since I bought the place and started "fixing" I have thought myself in to more work! The house is nearly completed on the inside; nearly being the operative word. The outside needs lots of work but if the trees continue to tumble down from the rain and snow, there won't be much clearing left to do. Last night when I arrived home I realized I had startled a skunk when I pulled up. The raccoons were not happy as the cat food dish was empty. (cats weren't real pleased either.) The faithful dog was so excited to see me I felt guilty for leaving her home. Yes, I am going to have to talk to the powers that be and see what the great plan was for me to have this slice heaven! As my freind chatted about how happy she was about her life yesterday I realized that I was very contented as well. Hauling water, repairing this and that, firewood gathering and living rather "simple" seems more appropriate for those that have more youth then I do. But then they would probably be to youthful to appreciate the quiet and "feel" of my little home. I look around and literally from the floor to the ceiling is my handy work; sometimes not that handy, but my work nevertheless. So as another year comes to an end and the "doom sayers" that look at our DIY projects shake their heads with wonder...I smile as I sit here and think about that darn wood pile and the brains storm I had that got it there!!! Merry Xmas! Judy

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sounds quite lovely.Happy New Year!

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We bought our home new 23 years ago and haven't stopped working on it yet. The problem is that we have tweaked it so much ... we will never be able to leave. It has everything we ever wanted. We love every room. Each room is special with many custom touches. Only problem is ... I'm getting too darned old to care for a 3500 square foot home (especially the four bathrooms) ... not to mention the grounds. I used to be able to clean the entire house thoroughly in one day. It takes at least 3 now. Even if we moved, I couldn't part with all my precious furnishings that I've been gathering over 30 years of marriage. Many are antiques, some inherited from beloved family members now gone, some built lovingly with my dear husbands own hands, others ... little treasures we found along life's way. What do you get rid of? Kids will be starting their own households soon - but I doubt that they appreciate our "junk" just yet. DH and I have done just about anything you can imagine ... from installing wood floors, to concrete work ... to building an addition - just the two of us. I cherish every minute of it - now that its over. They are memories of when we were young and strong and full of energy to climb ever higher. We're at the top of the hill now - looking down. A little scary.

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