Noise from Neighbors Garage/Upper Deck

tickkdoffDecember 30, 2006

My new neighbor has an eightfoot garage door, chain driven. The bottom is a 2 car garage and the top is a deck. The inside of the garage is not insulated and it has exposed beams which carry the weight for the upper deck. Every time it is opened or closed I can hear it in my house, primarily in the SE corner. I spoke to him a number of times. He had a garage repairman over to inspect and it was given a clean bill from an installation and motor (1/2 hp) standpoint. He refuses to have anything done. I have consulted an attorney and for whats it worth, throwing good money to bad is not worth the time or aggravation. Is there something I can do to cushion the noise into my home? Is there some type of contractor that can do something that is not too expensive? The noise is so aggravating it send chills up my spine. Please HELP...........

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Move. Seriously, neighbors make noise from time to time, just like I hear my neighbors motorcycle everyday at least 2x a day. It's part of living in suburbia.

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Yep - neighbors make noise occasionally.

It is just a garage door opener... not drunken parties every night all night....

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it is his house, if the noise does not bother him, and it is not loud enough to violate local noise ordinances, then nothing you can make him do. his garage being unfinished really has not affect on the amount of noise from teh opener.

YOU could install double pane windows, and maybe beef up the insulation in the SE part of the house, but not much else.

is this a town house or 2 totally seperate buildings? if the buildings share the same framing on a common wall then the the noise will transfer back and forth.

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