Should beveled hardwood show a blonde (unfinished) edge

dianamc75December 4, 2013

We ordered engineered hardwood in oak with a stained finish.

The installer installed about 100 sq feet and called me to look at it. You can see blonde parts of the wood on the beveled edge - but not consistent in all the planks and not even consistent along the same plank. It looks splotchy to me.

I will let you know what the company is saying later. Just want to know how your beveled edge looks.

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Did the sample have the same thing going on? (I doubt it, unless the product is supposed to have a "rustic" appearance.)

That is a defective or low quality product. Engineered flooring has a factory finish that you can't touch-up. The original finish has to be perfect. Any chance you are getting product from a box store? They routinely sell the items that have slight manufacturing defects.The way you describe it, sounds like par for course.

If the seller is reputable, make them exchange it. Or return it for a refund.

In the future, all flooring needs to be carefully inspected before ANY is installed. Sometimes the color batches do not match even on high quality product. The installer should have done this and noticed the defects before he started. He'll probably agree to take up the defective product and lay new for no additional charge. His labor was his mistake.

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