Dog Smells in Hardwood

lindsay_82December 20, 2006


My husband and I just bought an older home, we didn't notice anything odd when we looked at the home. We got posession on Dec 15 and we started cleaning the place, it has hardwood floors all thru the home, when we started washing the walls and floors with water the whole house started to smell like wet dog. The smell became quite overwhealming. We aren't sure if this is the smell of dog urine in the floors or what, we haven't ever owned a dog.

we have no idea what to do or what products to use on the hardwood floors to deorderize the place

if anyone knows of anything that can help please let me know!



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You never owned a dog but someone else did. Simple solution place white vinegar and baking soda in your solution, this will nutralize the acid and should smell good too. Be carefull not to get the hardwood (oak?) floors too wet as this will rasise the grain and you'll need to refinish them.

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