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aka_raeanneJuly 6, 2009

Make yourself accountable.

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I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled 4th.

I did, and although I did indulge I did so in moderation, so I am proud of that.

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Thanks for getting us started, Raeanne. :0)

I had a wonderful weekend; so relaxing and the weather was perfect. Don't ask about the eating, but we spent really quality time with friends and family all 3 days.

I've not been around this forum much because the constant log-in is too time consuming. Drives me nuts!!!

Make today count!

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"GUILTY" -- of eating a Hershey bar out of a combination of boredom and frustration. Other than that, lots of watermelon kept me sane and on somewhat of a track.

We still haven't moved. Another inspection today to see if we pass... if so, we'll move tomorrow. The moving company is going on vacation Wednesday, so we have to move Tuesday or wait until they get back next week!

We have company (my DD's boyfriend and his brother) coming Thursday and so I'll have to throw the new house together for that! Well, at least things stay exciting around here!

The two older DD's cars broke down this weekend, leaving me with the only vehicle everyone can drive---this is a planning challenge---but, surprisingly, everyone is very cool and cooperative with it! DH drives a stick and I haven't taught the 2 DDs to drive stick yet...

Eating wise, lately I have been experimenting with resistant starch eating. I love it and have lost a couple of pounds doing it and am getting to eat things I like and staying full.

Okay, well, that's my Monday morning~~ I am looking forward to seeing if we pass the inspection and we FINALLY move---!

((((((((((((((((MADDIE)))))))))))))))))))) ...Thinking of you, "Southern Sister." Hope you and Rog are doing well, weathering the grief.

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Had a great 4th - visited family, did pretty good on my eating (with the exception of Friday night happy hour!) - until we got home yesterday. My husband ran some errands and came home with fried chicken! I have not had anything fried in ages, and I kept eyeballing my favorite piece, the leg! I tried my best to ignore it, and went ahead and prepared my dinner, eating light because of today's WW meeting. Then ate a healthy dessert, yet still kept coming back to that box of chicken. Finally, I said, to heck with it, and ate a leg! It wasn't even Popeye's, but local grocery store made, still it was good! Still lost another 2.2 pounds at meeting today, so it didn't kill me to eat it, and it satisfied my craving, hopefully for a while. Total wt.loss now is 43.6 pounds.

We are getting rain, FINALLY! It rained while we were out of town, all around us, but not in our town.....crazy.

Did anyone watch Wimbledon? I love Federer and Roddick, but was hoping Roddick could win, he played with everything he had. Then had to watch Tiger win, just to see his pretty little girl. She's a doll.

Have a great week!


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I've been gone so long you've all probably forgotten about me. Been on vacation, and very busy getting our house ready for the OPEN HOUSE this coming weekend. Since I have not one ounce of decorating or creative talent, this is a challenge. Thank goodness for a dear friend who came over and gave me great ideas.

Spent 3 days in Door County! What a delightful time. The B&B (White Lace Inn in Sturgeon Bay) was wonderful. Kept to my WW plan quite well, except for the delicious breakfasts at White Lace Inn. And a few sips of wine at the wineries. Beautiful weather, and we spent alot of time sitting and relaxing at the shore. Hated to come home. Oh, we also went to the Kohler Design Center. Lots of vinettes to walk through ... many way outside my budget, but fun anyway.

Getting ready for grandkids in two week. My smile gets bigger by the day!

In addition to our OPEN HOUSE this next weekend, we're also going to our 45th HS reunion. Yeah, yeah, I know, that makes me, ummmm, like almost 63? Good grief! I feel 30, so not going to think about that number.

Weight is still going slowly down. Even lost while on vacation...well, it was only 1 pound, but alot better than gaining. I've started running again, and doing 30 minutes most morning. I think that is helping with the weight.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.


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Good afternoon, everyone! It's hot (105 F.) and sunny here today, with not a chance of rain in sight.

We had a great 4th of July. A big cookout with our dear friends and some of their friends we got to know that evening. We played Bunko, which is a great ice breaker, too. We could even see fireworks out her patio doors while basking inside in coolness.

I did get one mosquito bite while dining outside around 6:30 that night though. Right on my earlobe! I've been playing with it since early yesterday morning when it started "bugging" me.

I ate pretty wisely all weekend, but I know that I haven't lost anything lately. When I return from the wedding weekend, I'll get back to it. I want to feel comfy in my clothes and just moving around while on our cruise in September.

Jan, you did well just giving in to one fried chicken leg. You got it our of your system without going berserk!

Hi, Joyce! You must be right around my age because my 45th reunion will be next summer. I've reconnected with a lot of my HS friends on Facebook lately, and age is not an issue, I've noticed. Also, all the status-y things that used to separate people no longer is brought up. It's now all about the grandkids and retirement/plans.

BJ, I'm crossing everything I physically can that your house passes inspection so that you're too busy tomorrow moving in to update us!!!

Dee, it's always good hearing from you. I know you are doing your best dealing with the frustration of having to log in so much. I hate when it occasionally happens to me.

Raeanne, what's up, Buttercup? Good for you for doing so well over the holiday!

I've now got all my shopping done for this coming weekend. I've purchased my oldest son's birthday gifts, Root Beer flavored Vodka and great martini glasses so he can make 'Adult Milkshakes' that they pay $8.50 for at their fave burger place. I need to wrap his gifts, wrap my sister's Christmas gifts that I never got around to wrapping before Christmas and never got up there to exchange with her, and need to wrap wedding gifts for my niece whose wedding is this Saturday. Whew! Once we leave town on Thursday, I can relax at least!

Wishing everyone a mild-mannered Monday!

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Hi Everyone,

I have been MIA for a very long time and admit I haven't lurked too much so I don't know what's going on with everyone, I am very sorry.

Lots has been going on....issues with my mom (not health but behavioral, long story), I ended an unhealthy relationship with someone I have been seeing off/on for the last 3 years or so and, finally, on Friday July 3 my Lacey crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her dementia reached an unmanageable level for both of us and a very difficult decision had to be made. Yes, she was 15 but she was my baby and it was very, very hard.

So........I'm back with lots of catching up to do. ((Hugs)) and lots of love to all of you who need it.

Take care and I will stay in touch!!


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((((Donna))) ox

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Donna, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time and hope things are getting better for you. You've had some very tough decisions to make. Take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you around here more often, when you catch up.

Here's a question for all of us who are of a certain age and worry about our bones/bone loss. I know I should post on the health forum, but y'all know a little about everything, so here's my question.

I will be 59 in August, am post-menopausal, not on any HRT. Several years ago I had a bone scan and was diagnosed with osteopenia. I have not been very good about taking calcium supplements.

Now, that I'm taking better care of myself, I was wondering what is the right amount of calcium to take. I just bought Citracal Plus Bone Density Builder. It says take two tablets twice a day (2 tablets equals 600 mg.) I also take a Centrum Silver daily, which has 220 mg. So that's 1420 mg a day. I also drink skim milk with my coffee, eat low-fat sour cream quite often, and walk 1 to 1 1/2 hours 5 days a week.

Is this enough calcium to be taking, or too much? I will be seeing my doctor in a month or two for a checkup and can ask him then, but just curious as to what you all do?

QOD: Are any of you going to watch the Michael Jackson stuff today? I think I might, out of curiosity.....

Have a wonderful day filled with happiness. We all can use a little happiness (or a lot!)


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Donna - you have been missed (((((HUGS)))) so sorry for having so much to deal with. I will send some positive thoughts your way.

Jan - I think the calcium intake is good. I think you also need to take Vitamin D, at least that is what my Dr. has me taking.

Unfortunately, I caught the very end and saw Michael Jackson's daughter speak and it totally broke my heart. I can't believe all the hype. I just hope those kids stay together and end up in a safe environment.

BJ - hope you are in your new home!

Joyce - welcome back.

Milkdud - I know they have every vodka flavor you could imagine - but I never heard of root beer. You sound like me with the Christmas gifts. I just gave some to my friends a month or so ago. They had been sitting on my hearth since Christmas LOL.

I hope everyone did have a wonderful day!

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Good morning.

Raeanne, thanks for your input. I checked the calcium bottle and for Vitamin D it has 400 IU/100% of the Daily Value, plus the Centrum Silver has 500 IU/125% Daily Value.

I agree about Michael Jackson's daughter (Paris?) - heartbreaking. Also, the song, "Smile", (which always makes me cry) was performed beautifully by Jermaine Jackson. Whatever the outcome, I hope the children are raised in a sane and healthy environment. Seems doubtful, but hopefully, it will happen.

Strapping on my walking shoes and hoping to beat the rain (although I have loved having rain these last few days!)

Have a good one.


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Good evening! It's 86 F. and the mosquitoes had a nice dinner on me - literally! I have bites on my face and on my hands and knees. All the fun spots that I can't resist scratching in my sleep.

Donna, I'm so sorry for all you're going through. Be strong and post more often for lots of (((hugs))).

Jan, I have severe osteoporosis and have been on Fosamax for 6 years with good results. I'll never be perfect, but my bones are stronger than they were at 55. I also take two calcium tabs every night before bed.

Raeanne, I really hope my son loves this birthday gift. In the last few years, I've taken the safe way out and just gone with a GC. And, I didn't make it to Dallas after Christmas this past year, so my sister and decided to just wait until this weekend to exchange gifts. I don't usually wait quite this long!

Still lots of packing to do. I keep thinking of things like sheets and spring rods to take to my Dson for when they move into their new home in late August. That's what I used until we got our window coverings, and it was helpful. I also need to take Alexis's (9 yr. old DGD) books to her that she forgot last visit. I haven't seen her in a month, and I really am excited to see her tomorrow night when she flies in from AL and visiting my xh and his wife.

Guess I'd better get back to it because experience has taught me that nobody else is going to do my packing for me!

Have a great rest of the week!

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Another passing; my mom's last sister. That makes 3 lost in 9 months. Coming from a big family can be a comfort and a huge bummer when you have to say so many goodbye's. My aunt was the youngest; funny, infectious smile, and fairminded. May she rest in peace with her 4 sisters and 2 brothers.

Have a great weekend; stay well.

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So sorry Dee. (((HUGS)))


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Dee, I am so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like your aunt was a beautiful person and you have wonderful memories to console you in the days ahead.

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Apologies to everyone for not reading and responding. I'm just so sad that my family is dwindling.

[[[[[[[[Donna]]]]]]] you have too much on your plate now. So sorry for your loss and praying that you get the strength to work through your family difficulties. Please write if there is some small way I can help you.

Congrats to all the losers here. I have a skirt that was a bit easier to zip up on Friday. Not much on the scale, but I'll take that looser zipper! Been making sure to get some exercise at least 5x a week over the last 3 weeks, so I'm sure it's helping.

My problem continues to be evening/night eating. During the day, I"m fine in the office. I eat only what I bring...2 pieces of fruit, yogurt, salad or 5-point sandwich with a bag of raw veggies. Once dinner is over, I have that urge to snack. DH has managed to get it under control and he already lost half is belly (he was only about 15-20 pounds overweight).

Enjoy the weekend; find some time to take a walk and breathe!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers out to all who need them.


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(((DeeMarie))) I know what you are feeling and it hurts.

Remember the good times!

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Will catch up later but had to jump in and give ((Dee)) hugs. How wonderful that you have such fabulous memories of your aunt!

Thanks for all the hugs given me ~ I'm working through things and know all will be back to normal, whatever that is, soon.

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