how to understand your households carbon footprint

katiecliffSeptember 21, 2009

IÂm sure youÂve heard the magic buzzword of carbon footprint. Your "carbon footprint" is the amount of greenhouse gases caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product. In laymanÂs terms, greenhouse gases are expelled into the air by the production, shipping, storage and use of goods and services. You can find carbon footprint calculators in various places on the internet.

In your next remodeling project, think of the possible carbon footprint of the diverse elements of your project, i.e.: the distance materials travel, appliances or even the effect of a local contractor with a local workforce. By using recycled, reused or repurposed materials, you are reducing the amount of new raw materials consumed. Even at the larger home improvement stores, there are plentiful options for energy efficient windows, doors, siding, and water efficient bathroom fixtures.

Replacing your windows with more energy efficient windows may be beyond your skill set and better left to an experienced and well recommended contractor. However, some readers may be fully capable to insulating their unfinished attic or replacing a wasteful or leaky toilet, faucet or showerhead. The easiest energy efficiency option for everyone is to change your lighting to decrease power usage by installing compact florescent lights (CFLS).

These simple acts can reduce a householdÂs carbon footprint. Share the results of your carbon footprint remodeling project with your remodeling social network inspiring others to reduce theirs. Urge your contractor to showcase their energy efficiency in their listing on

Make a continual home improvement goal of indentifying and reducing your carbon footprint. It generally results in cost savings, waste reduction, and will encourage others to chip in to attain neutral sustainability goals. Each and every person has the power to help steam the effects of past generations. When whole families and communities come together the effect of each person multiplied by that community or family becomes a great step towards a more sustainable planet.

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