The dwell home...anyone?

stovetopSeptember 22, 2004


I posted this also in building a new home, but since Dwell claims: ÃAnd Dwell wants to help it realize its true potential with a design that embraces all the benefitÃaesthetic, environmental, economic, technologic --that prefab has to offer..." I thought I might get some responses in this forum too.

I'd love to hear from homeowners/contractors or future home builders who have considered or had any experiences or thoughts/opinions about these custom modular homes from The Dwell Home? Are they really that well built and design inovative as they claim to be?

I especially like the designs from the following architect who won the Dwell Home Design Invitational

(Sorry I havent figured out how to get more than one link listed to a post)

Here is a link that might be useful: the dwell home website

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Thank you for posting this link. I think someof the houses-and the winner especially-are really interesting and I would love to build something along those lines. Unfortunately, upon further research it's not in our price range. Maybe someday.

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Can I ask what you found out in your research? I also posted this link in the building forum where there was more response...

Here is a link that might be useful: building a home forum

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To me, most of these houses look like designer double-wides. The architects at re4a must be recovering Tetris addicts. As for the costs, was the suggestion of $400/ft a typo? Sure you didn't mean $40/ft ?

You can build a beautiful timberframe house (in a modern or traditional design ) for about $125/ft and up. Timberframe company products are super energy efficient, architect-designed, and precision cut in factories.

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No, I posted that; it was $400 a square foot; these are architect-designed, etc., etc., etc. I could build it for $40 a square foot, however.

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