Lifeguard gutters STINK!

ritaotayDecember 16, 2005

Last October I paid $7000. to have Lifeguard gutters installed on my house and garage... Biggest mistake I have EVER made... In the spring, when it rains, I get what they call over spray... Ever see the ground around a house without gutters??? Same thing, a nice straight line where the water hits the ground and makes dents... In the winter the snow sits on the gutters and freezes, causing ice dams.... I now have ice icicles coming off the gutters and OUT OF THE SOFFIT!!!!!

I just called them AGAIN and now they're saying it's normal in Michigan.... It didn't matter to them, not one little bit, that the house next door, with the exact same roof and regular gutters doesn't have a problem...

Save your money... DO NOT BUY LEAFGUARD GUTTERS!!!!!!!


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My DH is a contractor and never recommends Leafgauard. Instead he uses aluminum gutter screens. About a dollar a ft. installed. You'd be ahead to hire a contractor to rip off the Leafgaurd crap and install gutter screens. You will ruin your roof with the ice damming, causing leaking to the interior of your home. New gutter installed with gutter screen for about 5 dollars per ft. For ten dollars a ft. DH will drive to Michigan.

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We looked at Leafguard when we built and our conclusion was that not only was it WAY too expensive, but it would only work in very light rains. So we opted for the aluminum gutter screens instead.

Gutter screens aren't perfect. If you have leaf debris on your roof they will wash down and end up on top of the screen. This can block the water from entering the gutter. However, we've really only seen this to be a problem where a valley empties into the gutter. So in those places we have to occasionally clean off the debris with a water hose or broom.

On the other hand, I'd say at that 99% of the water ends up in the gutters, and the gutters themselves never have to be cleaned.

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