Basement sump pump question....

ajpdlaDecember 29, 2005

I am looking for information on where I might obtain a battery backup system for my sump pumps (3) currently installed in our home. I have only been able to find, so far, systems which include pumps. I do not need the pumps; but I do need a battery backup which is available as an in-line connection to my current sump pumps. Thanks for any information provided.


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Not an answer to your query- sorry. But.. we are in the market for a battery operated back-up to our current sump pump when power goes out and furnace floods. What brand (s) are your pumps? Thank you Tom

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ok... this is a tough one, but there is a way to help you out. I would 1st get a battery powered high water alarm. If the water touches the contact, it emits a loud sound alerting you to a problem.

I do not know of anyone that makes a battery operated sump pump, BUT you can use the following if needed...

Get a Deep Cycle Marine Battery 12Volt, a float switch "Super Switch" and a bilge pump from a boating supply store and length of garden hose. Some bilge pumps can pump out 2500 GPH Gallons per hour. Connect the switch to the pump, connect the hose and throw it out the window, wire the pump to the battery. when the switch detects enough water to trip it, it turns the pump on.

Not good as a AC powered sump pump, but not a bad back up just in case. And keep the battery off of the concrete floor

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Batteries produce DC (direct current) power, whereas the three sump pumps that you currently have require an AC(Alternating current) power source. In order to operate your existing pumps from a battery source for any length of time you would need a fairly large bank of batteries and a good sized sine or square wave inverter.

There are many DC powered sump pumps on the market that will run directly from a battery source but here again, you would need to buy 3 more pumps plus a separate battery for each pump and some type of trickle charger to maintain the batteries at full power when not in use. All in all, this could get rather expensive as well, not to mention that in my experience when a storm hits Murphy's law prevails and often the battery driven pumps fail to operate because they are froze up from non use over a long period of time.

In my humble opinion you would be much better served to invest the money in a mid sized portable generator. With a generator you not only could operate the pumps you have, you could keep your fridge cold and provide a minimal lighting until your power is restored.

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