Power outage, how long till food in fridge spoils?

BlueridgerosesDecember 12, 2002

Our power just came back on (yea!) after being out for 25 hrs. (ice storm). Anyone know if there is a rule of thumb as to how long food has before it spoils in the fridge and freezer when there is no power?

I've just gotta say, here's to the modern-day, electric-driven miracles of central heating and running water (we're on a well, no power = no water), so glad to have it all back!!

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It's different lengths of time for different things. I've got to ask, why didn't you just put the food outside.

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I actually did think about putting the food outside but we live in a rural area that's crawling with critters. By this morning my house was as cold as outside, anyway.

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As long as everything is still hard I wouldn't worry about it (in the freezer) The fridge stuff probably is ok as long as you didn't open the doors too much. Does anything smell? I'd throuw that out.
My power was off for about 4 days during our ice storm and I had to throw everything out. The neighbors dog ate pretty good during that time.
I have gas heat powered by elec so I know what you went through. I'm glad it's back on for you.

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After 25 hours everything should be just fine, unless you opened the fridge a whole lot. Try the milk. If it is not sour, then all would be fine. I always use the milk as my guide. Freezer food is fine. The freezer can go for 2 to 3 days before one needs to have a grill party and have friends over.


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Thanks everyone!

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If you had fish or shellfish in there, I think I'd toss that.

Any meat should be OK, but I'd use it in a couple of days.

Everything else is probably fine.

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