NYSRQDecember 7, 2011

About 9 mos ago, we purchased an antique chinese wood chair. it sat in our bedroom on a newly installed hardwood floor.

2 months ago, I noticed what looked like a pile of sand under the chair. I thought nothing of it, as I had recently been to the beach, and just thought I left something sandy on the chair.

But this week, again saw a pile of "sand" under the chair. This time, I was concerned as I had not been to beach. Looked at the "sand" very carefully & saw it was not sand at all. We photographed it, and then blew up the photo. Doing so allowed us to see the tubular shape, and that it looked somewhat similar to bedbug eggs. NOOO!!!!! Upon further research & inspection, we made a perfect match for droppings from hardwood termites.

We immdeiately went to see the dealer, and he came & got the chair & is having it gassed somewhere to kill the bugs.

THe concern though is whether I could have a termite infestation now. We have seen absolutely no evidence of termites on our floor - no larvae, wings, bodies, holes, tracks. Once the chair left, no more droppings.

The floor is a very hard wood (IPE), and it is glued to a thick soundproofing barrier which is on top of concrete. We are on the 8th floor of a condo.

Is there a way to treat the wood floor just in case, or since I have seen nothing at all, do ypu think there is no need to treat? What are the chances that the termites could have migrated from the chair to the floor? And then possibly to other apartments?

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Subterranean termites need ground contact.

Dry wood termites do not.

Pretty unlikely they got anywhere.

Powder post beetles would be more likely than termites.

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brickeyee is right, they are two different termites.

Your other wood furniture would be more of a concern than your hardwood floor, espeically the chair has been in your place for 9 months.

I would not let the chain back to the house, just to be extra cautious.

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I don't know anything about termites, but we had bought a small chest in India that had a similar problem. A dealer suggested putting the piece of furniture in the freezer for a few days. That took care of the problem!

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