HELP! Skunk in window well

benhemDecember 1, 2002

We just got back from Thanksgiving and found a live skunk in one of our window wells. We don't think that he's rabid, but can't be sure. We put some boards into the well to create a ramp for him to climb out, but so far he's not going for it. Is there some kind of food we could put at the top to entice him out? Help! Fast!

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Simply give the poor dear some Pierier water at 40ºF with a side of fresh lemon. Use a shallow ceramic bowl... In a day or so she will thirst and leave( and probably ignore the water !!), have patience, skunks are good creatures.
You did the right thing with ramp, but I hope you did not forget the OSHA mandated handrails.

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leave it alone, and if the boards are not really slick and steep it will climb out ... although some tuna at the top might lure it out faster.

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If the material in the bottom of the window well isnt rock here is what you do: Hi-power rifle shot to the skull of the skunk, no stink and minimal mess. Sounds grafic but after losing 9 puppies worth a thousand dollars a puppy and my wife's and my canine daughter to a skunk you have to feel no remorse for an animal that legally has no hunting season on it and isn't protected.

Please do the good thing and put it down.

JA in SD

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