Is this wired for ABUS or not?

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Hi All! Had prewire done quite sometime ago and this is what is present and I am hoping someone can tell me if it is wired for ABUS sound, standard multi zone/source or either. In the den and a couple other rooms, the speaker wire has already been installed and rough in brackets placed. Where a volume control/keypad should be (in the Den) there are 3 wires coming out of wall: #1 is a 16/4 inwall speaker cable with 4 conductors and it is labeled "SP" #2 is a 16/4 inwall speaker cable with 4 conductors and it is labeled "AMP" and lastly is a CAT5 cable. Then, back in the media closet are 2 cables for each zone: 1 cat5 and 1 16/4 in wall speaker wire/cable.

My question is: is this wired to be able to use either an ABUS or just a standard multi zone/source or just one or the other?


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It appears that it is wired for either ABUS or standard. With Standard, the AMP would go in the media closet, and the 16/4 wire would connect to the speaker terminals for that zone. Depending on what type of multi source/zone equipment you get, and the layout of your system, you would either put a keypad in the wall (ie, in the Den) that is fed via the CAT5 to the amp, or a volume control. Most of these types of systems use the keypad approach, and the volume is controlled from the keypad. In this case, you would simply splice the speaker wires together at the keypad location. (They would not need to connect to anything there)

In the ABUS configuration, you would not use the 16/4 going to the media closet, The ABUS keypad would connect to the controller via the CAT5, and the 16/4 labeled "SP" would also connect to the keypad.

I am not sure what systems you are looking at, but a good, lower priced system is the Russound CAV6.6. It provides both direct and ABUS capabilities.

Keep in mind that ABUS is a lower wattage solution (5 to 15 Watts). Depending on the speakers you use, this may not be enough power to drive the speakers effectively. It's not just about how loud, but how clean the sound is. I have the CAV6.6, but am not using any of the ABUS ports.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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