how is the thinking on plasma vs led tvs?

MariposaTraicioneraOctober 22, 2009

We may very well be the only ones in our neighbourhood, family and friends to still have our old Television sets, but we have finally decided it's about time to get a new television (maybe 52"?) this Christmas.

I'm confused about Plasma and LED and not sure how to decide which is best. I kind of looked over an old thread from 2007 and was wondering whether those who bought their Plasma or LED would chime in and share their pros and cons with me.


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Here's a cut and paste from the below web site that rated Plasma, LCD and LED technologies. You might want to visit that site (and others) to get a better answer.

"LED TVs will gradually replace their LCD counterparts, though the former is probably going to cost a premium in the following years.",39066264,61985379-3,00.htm

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I like the plasma TV's myself. They have a 600HZ refresh rate (LCD's only have 60, 120, or 240HZ) which eliminates motion blur which is very common in LCD's. The plasmas have great viewing angles and great contrast because of the blacks. They do not use any more power than a LCD TV anymore and the new Samsungs are only 1 1/2 thick. The front of the screen is more durable than a LCD since it is glass. The LCD panels have no protection and just a slight bump will break it (like a laptop screen).

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