Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 7/17/09

harold14370July 19, 2009

Good morning. The results from last week are as follows.

Harold - Weight 213, lost 3, total lost 62

Silver - Weight 131, lost 0, total lost 24. Silver is in maintenance mode, so this is good.

Eklektos - Weight 138.5, lost 0, total lost 13.5

Jasmi - Weight 137.8, gained 0.8, total lost 10.2. A slight uptick from some birthday parties and such, but came down later in the week.

Betty - Weight 159, lost 3, total lost 19. Great job, breaking into the 150s.

Helen - Weight 162.2, lost 1.2, total lost 37.8. A good week.

My results this week

Weight 211, lost 2, total lost 64

Average Calories - Food 1728, exercise 423

Hooray, I'm overweight. That's right, my body mass index is now 29.8, which puts me out of the obese range and into the overweight range.

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Congratulations, Harold, on yet another 2 pound loss, and on moving out of the obese category! 64 pounds to date is just terrific. And changing categories is really satisfying too.

I have not weighed since last week when I got a 137 on the scale. We'll see what Tuesday's weigh-in says. I am feeling smaller. Today it's kind of cool here, so after church I decided to put on jeans. I got out my Old Navy "the flirt" size 10P jeans, which were my "skinny" jeans last fall. I was so excited to be in them last fall. And today, I can pull them up and down without having to unbutton or unzip them. It is very exciting to think of buying new jeans in a single digit size this fall! I want to wait until I'm down to 135 or below before buying more, though, just to be sure I get the right size. Who knows? Maybe I can skip the 8s altogether and move no down to a 6.

I have eaten a little bit broader range of foods this week. I'm trying to move on up the carb ladder to see which foods I can assimilate well and which ones (like watermelon) I just simply must avoid. I had my first dark chocolate in quite some time. It was scrumptious. So, we'll see how this all affects me come Tuesday. I find, though, that I just don't want to eat anything but the smallest portions. Seconds no longer have any interest for me, so there are definitely some adjustments and new patterns taking hold.

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Eklektos, you scared me for a minute there. I thought I made a mistake, but then I remembered your 137 came after the official weigh-in day.

Congrats on the loose jeans. I'm still wearing my old size 42 pants, and they'll fall down if I don't wear a belt. I've skipped size 40 at least, and bought a pair of 38 shorts. That was a while ago. I'm not sure where I'll end up.

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Weight 164.4, gained 2.2, total lost 35.6.

Not a good week. =0(

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Don't worry about it Helen. We've all had weeks like that.

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It's OK Helen. You're still doing great. Don't give up! It will come around. Remember how far you've come!

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Oh, I am NOT giving up. I am staying the course !! I have a way to go yet. Besides, I just got a "Wow, just look at you girl, where did you go you sexy thang? " from a friend that I hadn't seen in a few months while she was out in Texas looking after some of her kin there. That plumped my wheretofor and I am not about to just give up. This is probably just some sort of weird thing my body is doing to get back at me for turning down that Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, biscuit and Gravy a few days ago. LOL


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Weigh-in: 137.5


start date: 2/2/09

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Good Morning,

YEA, HAROLD!!!!!!!! Don't cha LOVE it? How "sweet" are the pants falling down! ;~))

Helen, Been there - Done that. It gives you a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach to see those scales go up instead of down. But, it's just a 'thang' and will be gone next week. And the friend's comment really helps your resolve.

Ek, Seems like the foods you are adding back aren't hurting you. Good job!

I may have lost a pound, but the potato soup and fried apples I had for dinner are high carb foods and made my scales refuse to move down this morning. They are 2 of Aunt Bern's favorite foods and I was just too tired to fix me anything low carb. At least I resisted the corn bread muffins she wanted!! (She fell 1st thing yesterday morning and scared me to death. Thank God nothing got broken, but I was on my feet all day and gave in to the not so healthy dinner.)

This week - still 159.


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I was 136 this morning.


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Awesome, jasmi!

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Great job, Jas!

It feels so good when those scales move back down after a little bump in the road.

Have a great day.


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Good morning everyone!
I'm bouncing from 130-135 all week. Was 132 this morning. But am not worried. Doing a lot of work in the yard, not eating healthy at all. But def. burning calories!!!! Can't wait to get back in a more regular exercise regime but when I'm so sore from digging fence post holes it's really hard to get my body to do even more :)

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Silversword, I think digging fence post holes counts as exercise. That extra weight is probably all muscle.

Congrats to Eklektos and Jasmi for some very nice weigh-in numbers.

Hey, I just realized I made a typo in the thread title. Wrong date.

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My staying the course is paying off. I am dropping the weight again !! Oh Happy Day !! lol

Glad to see everyone is doing well.


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