Stink bugs in attic - lots of em!

trancefusionDecember 30, 2010

I have literally thousands of stink bugs in the attic. Most of them are dead or lethargic underneath the insulation. Quite a few make it down into the house.

Is there anything I can/should do? Can they just get in through the soffit vents? I don't suppose there is much use pulling up the insulation and removing them until I stop them from getting in?

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Call an exterminator and talk to them... they're the experts.

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Gosh larke, there you go again, using common sense.

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I try :-).

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Well hail guys, that answer can be given for every question in every one of these forums. No thoughtfulness required.

trancefusion..It's obvious there is an opening somewhere up there where they are getting in. They were so numerous this year they get noticed. You need to check your gable vents and the eave screens/vents to find where they are getting in and close them off. If they are getting in and their sheer numbers makes them noticeable, you have other pestilence that either have gotten in or, can get in but not as numerous and therefore as noticeable. Those rascals can fine the tiniest hole to get in. That's what they do, they just creep around looking for areas to crawl into. For example, if a mouse can get their nose through an opening, they can fit through, and do.

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trancefusion - I was just thinking today, I should go up in the attic and check. We were overun with them this summer, and I have started to see some live ones again. I afraid of what I will find.

I used Talstar to kill them last year. I does kill them, but doesn't keep them from coming back. I am thinking I need to go up in the attic and spray well up there while they are hibernating. Then as soon as the snow starts melting this spring, and I am go soak the exterior of the house.

I don't bother calling an exterminator because they don't have anything that gets rid of them either.

Funny story... we just gave our son our old F150. It hadn't been driven yet this winter. He emailed me to let me know when he turned the heat on the first time he was overcome with stink bug fumes. Ooops.. had not thought about that.

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Look for a product called Tempo. It's a safe, organically based insecticide made from the chrysanthemum plant that won't harm pets or carpet. Do a Google search on it.
We spray it around the house, garage and shed to get rid of the stink bugs. It has great residual effect. I sprayed the Tempo out in our shed several years ago and it's still killing the bugs. We used to be able to get Tempo in little packets; however a few years ago we had to buy it in a larger container. Highly recommend it. (No, I'm not affiliated with the product).

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Our local news channel ran a story in the fall telling everyone to just suck them up in the vacuum cleaner, no big deal. Ya, that was four months ago and no amount of cleaning has been able to remove the stench from my vacuum. Thanks channel 11.

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I been seeing an increase in them lately (Maryland). Funny most of the ones I am finding are dead.

I read on another website that the best thing to do this time of year, is turn your heat off and let your house get very cold (*Make sure you turn off and drain the plumbing etc). The theory is that the cold will kill all the stink bugs hiding in your house.

I haven't been able to talk DH into it yet.

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I see that the OP never returned to this thread, but a lot of people will be "googling" stink bugs pretty soon as the weather warms up and those nasty little critters come out of their hidey holes. I live in Pennsylvania and we've had them for the past 4-5 years, with the numbers increasing exponentially each year. I did some research, and was able to find out that bats will eat the stink bugs. I'm not saying put bats up in your belfry (LOL!)..but perhaps a few bat houses spaced around your yard might help keep the population under control. As soon as the weather warms up, I am going to have my husband mount my bat houses. I'm crossing my fingers that it works...I'd much rather have bats keep the problem in check than an exterminator.

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jigreen - Ha ha - when we sold our house in PA, our problem was bats. They were in the attic!
I agree, I'd rather have the bats, I never knew they were there.

I have been seeing more and more stink bugs in the past week or two. We are going out of town this weekend, and I told DH I want to try putting the house in a "deep freeze". He's not thrilled with the idea because he is a plumber and will have to "winterize" the pipes.

There is also going to be a program on them in Sheperdstown tomorrow evening, with guest speakers (entomologist). I am thinking about going, but not hopeful that there will be any solutions discussed.

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Yes, I am in PA.

Calling an exterminator won't be of much help. Like the followups said, these are new around here and I don't think there's a pesticide that will take care of them.

They really need to be sealed out somehow.. exactly how, I am not so sure.

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Just to let everybody know, my great stink bug freeze-out was a failure.

We were going away for the weekend, so we winterized the plumbing, turned off the heat and opened some windows (with screens on them).

I think it failed because the weather did not cooperate. DH said it probably only got down to the 40's in the house. Plus when we came back on Sunday it was beautiful outside. Warm enough that any at the neighbors houses could have migrated. I did help at first. I did not see a single live one until late Sunday evening. And since it's only been 1-3 a day. Before I was catching 10-12 a day.

Articles in the paper said that 400 people showed up to the program in Sheperdstown WV last week to listen to the experts. Unfortunately all they said was that they were going to be worse, and there is nothing we can do.

I don't see how you can possible "seal them out". You would have to never enter or exit your home. My husband told me not to feel bad, because he sees million dollar homes down in Potomac that have them too.

As soon as the snow melts, I am going to spray the entire outside of the house with Talstar. The way these little buggers breed, I still think the best solution would be a sexually transmitted disease for them, or something that makes them sterile.

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I am in Maryland, too, and I've had a super infestation of stick bugs over the last few months. We only moved to this house last summer, so I have no idea how or what went before me here.

Even now (Feb) we find maybe 5 a day in various parts of the house. Back in the fall I could easily collect 50+ a day from around the windows. People who say they have an infestation with about 7 - 10 a day make me laugh! I'm jealous. So, I've been researching how to deal with them (the stink bugs, that is). Even making a severe dent in their population will be helpful. I am looking for extermination, but I've come to think that being my own exterminator might be better than hiring folks that might not know as much as I can learn online.

Here is an article I've reread a few times and followed the links:

It is a company looking to sell their product, but their educational info has been very helpful to me to read. I think you can find many of the products they recommend under various product names and at local H.D. and Lowes type of places.


Here is a link that might be useful: Help With Stink Bugs

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It's going to get worse before it gets better. Get an inexpensive vacuum you can use just for cleaning them up. You don't want to stink up your good one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stink bugs take over man's house

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