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energy_rater_laSeptember 23, 2010

I just remembered that GW had this forum

doesn't get much activity does it?

just thought I'd post and see what happens.

not selling nothing folks..just usually hang

in building, hvac repair & remodel in order

of where I usually am.

it would be good to see more activity here!

best of luck to all.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi erl,

I usually do a good bit of lurking at GW and the Home Forums over coffee in the AM, hoping to learn a little something and am occasionally able to offer some help.

I'm a real do-it-yourselfer, whenever possible, so I like reading and learning.

I too am not selling anything but will add that I really like the Solatube I had installed a year ago.

Recently I bought some solar screen to cover my 'regular' flat skylights and it has helped cut the sun, thus the heat, a lot. I'll remove the screen later this fall when the temperature cools down a lot, so I can benefit from the sun, and free heat from it.

chemocurl...aka Sue

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Hi Sue
nice to meet another diy-er.
and like solatubes also.
what is your general location?

enjoy your weekend!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

nice to meet another diy-er.
I do it myself (fix, clean, paint) so long as I know I can do it right. I had some tile laid in a good bit of the house earlier this year and I hired that done, but now think I could probably do it myself, after having watched it being done. A friend who does it for a living, did it as a side job, though and gave me a good deal on doing it.

I'm in Indiana and wish the Home Forums showed our location like the Garden Forums do.

Had a great weekend. With help, I finally got my local channels (antennae with amplifier, converter and VCR) all hooked up to the TV after things got disconnected a few weeks ago when I hired the carpets being professionally cleaned (for a change). I'm kind of challenged when it comes to all the wires behind the TV center. I have everything on a surge protector bar that I can easily turn off when not in use.

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