blinking new light on corded phone wont stop

jeanweddingOctober 30, 2008

I recently bought a used but working supp good condition

Bellsouth corded phone model 8870 it has hearing comptiable and VC. It has caller id and BiG Buttons

The caller id and dial part etc works fine. I wanna know how to program in memory numbers and to delete stuff already one it

Course I have lots of other corded and cordless phones

But Id like this one to work to it potential. since my best corded model no longer works ,the cassette message telephone answering part ..... boo hoo

Im trying to fig out how to use it . It has a blinking red light at the top for "New" I assume a new call

I have tried removing the batteries etc. It wont stop blinking

I finally after several days of Goggling etc hours and hours found a site that sells new phones Trying to find a simlar model

That led me to the Att page. but of course my model is discontinued

Im trying to find the correct ac adaptor. I have a big bag full of old ones. 9 volt output ac adaptors but it has a longer male plug for it. Ill visit the thrift stores to find more of them.

It has a "reset"on the bottom. I held it in but cant see what it did or does

So I dont KNOW what the ac transformer would do or does???? I put in for new batteries anyway At this rate the batteries will soon run down

Thanks all


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Jean, I would just remove the batteries for now. The phone will still work without them, won't it?

As far as getting the light to quit blinking...It seems that most all young people (teens on up) are just naturals at knowing these sort of things. Might you know of a young person who could probably show you how to program numbers into it, and delete the info in it, and how to erase caller ID numbers in the future?

I wish you luck. As expensive as batteries are these days, I'd pull them if they were not necessary until you can get an AC adapter.


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Thanks for the suggestions
I found 2 Ac adaptors last night at a thrift store. It seems to work the one does, anyway. I took out the batteries for now. Just wish the Caller ID display was lighted. Im assuming it isnt backlit.
It a nice phone. it show the number dialed and has a call timer......Nice feature
But that dang light keeps flashing. I eventually fig it out. LOL Hoping eventually to get an owners manual....
Ah I dont need a youngin to help me figure it out.
Im persistant and stubborn and will find a way LOL
Esp since Im no stranger to the insides of computers and fixing and putting together others things. I love the challenges I try to be a DIY er mostly
Thank you

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