Does this mean I need a new water heater?

auntjenDecember 10, 2003

I just started noticing a really bad odor coming out whenever I turn on the hot water (in kitchen or bathroom). It's faintly fishy ... not pleasant whatsoever. When I turn on the cold water, I don't detect the foul smell. Also, we've been noticing that the hot water runs out fairly quickly - sometimes after only one of us showers (there are two of us in the home). I have no idea how old the water heater is; the house itself is 63 years old, but the water heater does at least look fairly new. Still ... these things that have been happening lately, are they an indication that a new water heater is in order?

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It sounds like you need to flush your hot water heater out. They build up sediment on the bottom and can begin to not heat as well or develop an odor. If you do not have the owners manual you can go on line to DIY or HGTV and they have directions for flushing the hot water heater. Of course if it is many years old you may have to replace a heating element if flushing does not solve your heating problem. Generally, if I am uncertain of the age of a hot water heater I do not bother changing heat elements, I just replace with a new hot water heater. The new ones are generally under $200.00 and are much more efficient then the old models. Judy

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