Problems with Magnavox 6P4850 W101

tou_showOctober 8, 2007


I have a Magnavox 6P4850 W101 and itÂs not working. Can anybody help me please?

When I turn on the TV the screen is dark and if you see it at an angle you could see that it the red color overpowers and has white irregular lines going horizontally and diagonally. Also when you turn on the TV it keeps looking for the remote and when you look at an angle you could barely read that it is searching for the remote because the screen is really dark and everything is blurry. After it stops with the searching I get only sound and the black screen with overpowering red color and the lines which go kind of in a spherical shape but they cross each other at the ends. I donÂt know if I have explained the problem well enough but I think that whoever knows something about fixing TVÂs will get the idea.

Also it looks like the blue reflector is not bright enough even if you put the dimmer up to the highest level.

I already bought a soldering iron and IÂm ready to start but I canÂt locate the problem. Hopefully someone will know to tell me how to fix it.

Thank you

Todor (tou_show)

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time to move down

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