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Wild_ChickenJuly 11, 2005

Check In!

How'd your weekend go?

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Raeanne~ The book on lobsters sounds like a technical read! An old boyfriend calls me his lobster. I asked him why and he told me to watch some old 'Friends' episodes and find out why. I gotta do that sometime!

And...How'd your gathering go the other night? Would you mind posting the recipe for the salsa?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I gotta get my house together. We're having another couple over for dinner tonight. I have to go pick up some salmon and a couple of veggies. My gal pal is bringing some passion fruit mousse, which I am looking forward to tasting!

Hey, all you Florida folks! Check in, so we know how you're doing.

And make this day a healthy one!

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BJ - I would say the old boyfriend still has a thing for you LOL. The episode was something about your lobster being your mate for life - so you may not want DH to find out LOL. We had a great evening out - I served the seafood and salsa and we got so caught up in talking that we didn't head out to dinner until 9PM - I met the girlfriend one other time and we didn't quite connect, but last night we laughed the night away and set up a get together for next Sunday.

The recipe is easy and was very tasty. This is the actual recipe, but I know I used more mango and pineapple.

Mango Salsa
1/2 cup diced mango
1/2 cup diced pineapple
1/2 cup diced cuke
1/2 cup red pepper
1 jalepano minced
Juice from 1 lime
2 Tablespoons of chopped cilantro
Mix and chill - I grilled shrimp and scallops and served them chilled with the salsa - very refreshing.

It is time for everyone to let us know how they are and what they are up to. You don't even have to confess anything you don't want to LOL.

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Thanks for the recipe! As far as the old beau goes, it's great to have a backup!---JUST KIDDING!

So you already have weekend plans!---BEHAVE! I'll be in Hawaii by then. We're packing today.

Looks like everyone's too busy for this place today.....

WAH! :(

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Hi folks,

Well its Hot! and here in New England 94 and humid is very hot! Ive been hiding inside in the AC to sleep during the day, so Its not too bad.

Everyone must be very busy it rather quiet around here :)

Good to See BJ and Raeanne keeping things going this week.

Went to the Docs and he was pleased with my blood sugars and my blood tests. We talked about my lack of weight loss and we are going to try another medication, its the only one that has been proven not to hinder weight loss. I tried one version of it and had too many side effects, however I had the flu at the time. So this time its an extended release formula and im hoping it works out. I realllllly want to ditch these extra pounds and its fustrating to stick to a new WOE and get no results other than better sugar control. anywhoo..

One of my best friends ended up in the ER last night with an anxiety attack. Come to find out hes had 3 in the last 2 weeks and didnt say anything. Hes going through a divorce and is having a hard time dealing with the fact that he has to start over... his ex didnt help much as she has a good friend that lives right next door to him and brought her new boyfriend over to hang out with them in the back yard. Weve all told him he needs to move! But she should know better than to flaunt it infront of him. To make it worse they all ot so drunk they had to stay the night. Fact is she has a drinking problem and she shouldnt even hang out with this friend as she promotes drinking. I just hope my friend snaps out of this low point soon and gets on with his life. Hes young(37) has a good career, he just needs to relax and enjoy life and the right lady will come along, one that values him more than booze.

Ive been looking around for tasty low carb and calorie foods. I found some crisp breads that have lots of fiber and low calories and no net carbs. I posted a link if anyone wants to check them out. One of the things I miss the most if breads for sandwhiches and chips or crackers for a crunch. I hope these help some :)

everyone check in and tell us how you are doing!

take care


Here is a link that might be useful: crisp bread

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OK, checking in.

John, good news on your Dr. appointment. I hope the new meds work out for you. Sorry about your friend. Doesn't seem like he should have to move, but maybe it will be the boost he needs to get on with his life. Is he still living in the house that they shared together? Sounds like she is very immature. I hope that he is feeling better and gets the help that he needs. He has a good friend in you.

BJ, have a great trip. How long will you be gone? What are you bringing to read?

Hi Raeanne. Sounds like you are having fun....again. LOL!

2 days until the Barbie Convention! I can't wait to share the fun with you guys. It really should be a hoot.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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I'm here; things have been crazy!

BJ, I'm glad you liked your 'unbirthday' gift. Did you go shopping at Trader Joe's? I love it there; I may go and work there in retirement, because they get to wear neat shirts!!

John, so sorry about your friend. Sounds like my DBIL's life. He's never really gotten over it, because he has 3 daughters, and has to stay in touch. You are a wonderful friend to be so concerned. Just let him know you're around to listen. My MIL told me that DBIL used to talk to the pet rabbit on the front porch...he said he felt better after he vented!

Besh, that Barbie convention sounds like a blast! Have fun, and take pictures to show us! LOL

Marci, I got the books and am halfway through "One for the Money". Just love her writing, but wish I had more time to myself to read more. This 'working' stuff has got to end! Thanks again for the loan; really appreciate it.

Speaking of work, I just finished my first draft of that dreaded project. I say first draft because I'm afraid to say it's finished; just one of those things you know will go around and around.

Raeanne, that mango salsa sounds great! Wish I'd seen the recipe before I cooked dinner last night. I'm finally having success growing cilantro this year, so I sprayed foil with olive oil, placed a bed of cilantro down, and put some tilapia on top, brushed with more olive oil, some bottled salsa, a drizzle of lime juice and baked it at 500 degrees for about half an hour! It was fabulous! DH really enjoyed it, and house smelled great!

OK, I've got to get back to work.

Where is Maddie? NH Suzanne? Patti & Dave? Jen? Joanne? Gretchen? Amy? Tikanas? Magickitty? Maryann TX? and the rest of ya?

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

Here is a link that might be useful: Where DH's Niece Got Married last Friday

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Checking in as well! Everyone sounds busy.

It's busy here, too. And hot! I melt when the temps get above 80 degreees.

Raeanne, doing much kayaking lately? I think of you often.That salsa recipe sounds soooo good! I'll try it this week.

Besh, a Barbie convention?? I had barbies when I was a kid but They were forever "skydiving" or "scuba diving". I never bothered with the dressy clothes as my barbies were treated more like GI Joes!Lol!

John, good news from the Doc! DeeMarie gave me "The Good Carb Cookbook" by Sandra Woodruff last Christmas and I highly recommend it. It has some wonderful recipes and I refer to it at least twice a week. I am sorry to hear about your friend.

BJ, let me know when you hit California! I am emailing my phone number.....

Not much to report here. I have a case of the "summer blahs" but I am sure that they will soon pass. I'm feeling lazy...

Everyone have a wonderful day!!


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It's WEDNESDAY! Happy middle-of-the-week!

John, it IS hot there! We're in the 60s here, and a sprinkle is currently falling. My 14 y.o. has her first flight lesson today and I hope the weather clears a little or she won't be able to go! Great news about your blood sugar results! YAY! Just stay the course and don't get discouraged about the weight thing. It'll happen! You're right!---your friend sounds like he needs to MOVE! He is punishing himself with his ex's behavior. Poor guy. I'm glad he has a logical, listening friend like you. :)

Besh: I'll be gone from Friday to Friday. I am looking forward to the trip, although DH has been kind of testy lately again. I cannot figure it out. Maybe it will become clearer when we are away and don't have the usual distractions. You asked what I'm bringing to read; here's my list:

"A Taste of Blackberries"
By Doris Buchanan Smith
(a kid's book about friendship and death in children)

By Malcolm Gladwell
(by the author of The Tipping Point. Blink is a book about the power of thinking without thinking) I've started this one and it fascinates me.

"Embraced By the Light"
By Betty J. Eadie
"An incredible account of one woman's near-death experience"

A couple of Nevada Barr books
(escapist mysteries in paperback)

"The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teenagers"
(if my teens won't read it, I will!)

A set of 6 double-sided cassettes:
"Mastering the Attitude of Achievement"
By Lou Tice

-a DVD on Chakras my sister sent me

-a bunch of funeral and mortuary industry-related magazines

Sorry you asked? !!!!

Ahhhh, I'm looking forward to reading and learning, as well as hiking and soaking up some SUN!!!!

DeeMarie~ Glad you made it through your first draft. How long did it turn out to be? lol! I can imagine! You are so detail-oriented! BTW, your fish recipe sounds DELISH! YUM! The Alaska Copper River salmon is running right now, so we've been having it twice a week. I love the taste of it and the price is right at Costco! Your niece's wedding place looks so pretty! I browsed the menus there and looked at the presentation of the food SO BEAUTIFUL! The portion sizes look like they're HEALTHY-sized, not heavy-sized. That's nice!

Tikanas, thanks for checking in! And I am looking forward to our coffee break next month! It is so exciting knowing we will meet soon! I'll look for the kayak-paddling energetic woman! Summer blahs? Get some coffee and some SUN---just kidding! How's your son't cooking thing going? Did you check out Alton Brown?

Jen!!!!! Thanks for emailing new pics of your princesses! They are cute, cute, cute! I know I keep saying that, but THEY ARE! The photo with the sparkler is priceless! I know it takes time to gather pics and email everyone when you are a busy mom, but let me be the first to tell you HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE seeing those pic pop up in email! ((((HUGS!))))

All for now. I just got back from the orthodontist, so I gotta finish doing junk around here, wait for a guy to drop off a contract for replacing 5 of my windows, go to the air field for DD's lesson, and then come back home. AND we're having another family over for dinner tonight!


What's on your plate today?

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Hi goils!

I've been playing which is why I've not been here--I went to bingo with an old friend today and her mom (that i haven't seen in years), and we had a blast! I didn't win anything, but still--what fun to sit around and yabber with folks you've known for almost 30 years! :)

Well, I have a 3 hour interview at a very good, international company on Friday. I can't imagine 3 hours. And the bad thing of it is that I think it is with a woman that I worked with (briefly, many a month in '98) before and we didn't get along. (My field is so narrow that all of us in this area knows almost eveyone else. I think this is her, but I won't swear. ARGH! We just didn't click, and if this is her, it has got me worried. But 3 hours??? Scheech!

Well, we're finally getting rain here. It's in the mid 70s, and I love it! :) :) Definitely not complaining!

I'm reading a good book. It's called "Fast Food Nation", and boy, it's an eye opener. I'm about 1/2 through it.

Hope all is well!



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(ummmm. since I can't type, that should say "maybe" a month)

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I read "Embraced by the Light" just after my Dad died and I have to say it was one of the things that helped me get through the grief. I loved the book and I hope that all of it is true! "Taste of Blackberries" is on our summer reading list at the Middle School. I have not read it yet, but I know that it is good.

Got to finish packing. Barbie Convention tomorrow.

Maddie, good luck with the interview. People change remember, and maybe she has too. For the better, I hope!

Be good. Enjoy the rest of the week all. I'll check in with all of the Barbie dirt next week.

Love, Besh

PS - Jen, I emailed you, but thanks for the pictures of those two beauties!

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When my sister was told she had 6 months to live, we both read "Embraced by the Light", it is beautiful.

Maddie - I heard that "Fast Food Nation" is a great read. Good luck with the interview, change your thinking to positive, even if it is her, maybe she has changed - 7 years can be a lifetime ago for some people. (Besh I just read your post to Maddie - great minds think alike LOL)

It's official, I know every Cable technician by first name. We have such a problem with our service and they are stumped by what it could be, everything checks out. The supervisor called me this morning, I have had 6 different cable boxes in 2 weeks. They were scheduled to come back Monday afternoon, but the supervisor called to say they are coming today, aside from that he is giving us a nice credit for our inconvenience, that I didn't even ask for.

BJ - just in case I miss you HAVE A GREAT TIME IN HAWAII!!! Enjoy the sun and the surf, sounds like you have enough reading to keep you busy for the entire time. Hopefully this trip will snap DH out of whatever is bugging him.

Jen - I have to concur, the girls are beauties - we are all so proud of them. Thanks for always thinking of us.

I just got the book "You The Owner's Manual - An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You Healthier and Younger". It is well written, easy to read, cute graphics and has a lot of humor thrown in. One of the author's is Michael F. Roizen, MD - that is on Oprah, etc. with his Real Age test. If you have never taken one, I have a link below - it is fun, but gives you some tips on small changes to add years onto your life.

DeeMarie - been to any good diner's lately?

I am officially going on BJD's diet, (BJ daughters). I just need to boost my exercise regiment. I have been doing something every morning, and weights when I think of it during the day. I just realized I wasn't SS anymore and I can't even remember when it happened - so this just ain't workin for me anymore.

DD#2 is off to Venezuela this evening for her old roommates wedding - I am a bit nervous, as she is traveling alone and arriving late at night - although the family said they arranged for transportation - I can't help being a mom....

Here is a link that might be useful: Find out your real age

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Maddie, you might be set up for a Targeted Selection interview. This is a link below, but you may be able to find actual questions if you 'google' the term.

You may see more than one interviewer. It's a story-telling sort of interview, and you get graded by your answers. Then all the interviewers get together and put up your scores next to all the other people they interviewed. Sometimes if there is a huge difference in a score (interviewer Smith gave you a "5" for an answer, and interviewer Jones gave you a "1", for example), the group will discuss it, and perhaps one of them may be convinced to change the grade slightly. Naturally, the person with the highest score, wins the job.

It's fair and legal when you have 2 or 3 really qualified candidates. We hire exclusively using this technique.

You will hear something like "tell me about a time when you had to be unusually organized to accomplish a task". "Have you ever missed an important deadline? What happened? How did you communicate the message?" Stuff like that.

My advice? Come up with 3 or 4 really good accomplishments that might fit into the job you want. Make them into a "STAR" story (S = situation; T = task; "A" = action taken; "R" = result).

Try to be relaxed and make your answers more like a conversation; tell them a story!! If you really work out the details of the 3 or 4 accomplishments, you will be able to give them examples from those stories of any "disappointments", "organization skills", etc.

Good Luck!

Whew!!!! did you even ASK for advice, Maddie? I don't remember! LMAO!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Targeted Selection

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Good luck on the interview!

Have a great vacation BJ.

My body is only .7 older than my age, not bad considering my brain is still only 13 yrs old :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Raeanne~Hey! I'm exactly 2 years younger than my real age! Not much, but I'll take it! I am leaving EARLY tomorrow morning, but today is going to be busy. It's a sunny day, so that helps lots! I'm having lunch with an old friend today to break up the day a little and I'm really looking forward to it!

DD (14) took her first flight lesson yesterday. She loved it and wants to continue to fly! YAY! Needless to say, I'm pretty thrilled about that. I asked the flight school to give her a young hunky instructor who smelled good, so I'm sure that helped a little! lol. He was a cutey-pahtooty!

DeeMarie: I'm going to use your interview ideas myself! Thanks for taking the time to write and explain all of that! It sounds like a great process even if it is a little long! I think it would help companies to find a good fit, which is ALWAYS better!

Besh~ I have heard of this book (Embraced By the Light) now several times, so I am really looking forward to reading it! Have fun with Barbie!

Maddie~ Good luck with your interview! As the other here mentioned, people change so much- forgive and forget- and ENJOY THE DAY!

I am going to try to take my laptop with me so I can be with my FAVORITE gal pals and my cyber brother, John while I am away! We'll see what happens!

NHSuzanne~ Check in, sis! I am getting worried about you. It's not deadline time, so log on and let us know what is happenin' babe!

All for the day!

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NH Suzanne, we are all missing you! Please check in. Have you melted up there in New England? Hope not!

QOD: What are the weekend plans? We have made n-o-n-e, so that things get done around our house. We've called no one and made not one dinner engagement. Amazing, but I will be cooking this weekend, despite the fact that I cooked and fed that man each and every night this week! LOL!!!

My weight is stalled again; gotta try and shake it up a bit, so I will be shopping carefully this afternoon at the supermarket.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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You were dead spot on about the interview--they even told me that's what it was called, and thanks to you, i did have some stories/examples ready, and while I may not have gotten the position, I held my own. OMG. I can not thank you enough. I always knew my ladies had my back, but WOW!

I need to go a couple of things for mom, so I'll be back with the details a bit later--



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Good morning all--

It's 7am here, and I've been up since 4:30--Rog stayed home last night, so I didn't get much done.

OK--the interview. Well, I think it went OK. It was exactly as Dee described, and I think I may have went off on a tangent or two, and maybe not as focused on the different parts to the question, but I think I did pretty well. The lady that I was questioning if I knew her is actually the lady-that-I-worked-with's SIL (I know--horrible grammer). They have the same name. She's a really nice lady, as were the other 2, so we'll see. I don't think I'll adjust to the job easily, b/c it is very structured and I am used to going to lunch when I want, getting a drink when I wanted, etc..., and this position is not like that. They do have a great training program, and educational bennies. It is a great company, but I'm just not surethis is the right position for me, given my personality.

Well, we went to the local 4-H fair and saw the demolition derby last night. Yeah, I know, but I like things like that, and I've always loved truck pulls, etc..., and I've always been the type of person who's gonna enjoy things even if popular society 'looks down' on them. Anyhoo--it starting raining like mad last night, we didn't have umbrellas, and there we sat--like 2 dripping idiots, and we just has a blast--mud was slung everywhere, and we kept sitting there--mom always said that I didn't have enough sense to come in outta the rain--LOL!!

We're going to see his mom today, and I thinkthat's all we have planned for the weekend--it's supposed to rain, so maybe we'll go back out and stand in it some more! LOL!!!



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Tikanis - I wanted to WARN you that Friday Mercury turns retrograde - watch those darn appliances LOL.

I went kayaking yesterday morning before work and it was beautiful, just me and the ducks. The water was like glass and I wished I could've stayed out there longer. I just made a new friend and she kayaks too, so we are planning on some day trips together.

NH Suzanne - WE MISS YOU and your SP stories - please let us know how you are doing.

Jen - I don't know if I thanked you for the photos, the girls are getting prettier each day - if that's possible.

I went food shopping and got a lot of healthy things to eat, then cleaned out the refrig and tossed a lot of unhealthy stuff. I may go on the treadmill later, but I am already exhausted.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and will check in during the week.

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Maddie - I hope that job works out for you, if it is the right fit for you. You never know how things work out. That must've been an ordeal of an interview. Glad DeeMarie knew what it was about, to give you a heads up. I've never even heard of that before YIKES.

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Hey you guys!

Busy, busy, busy here. What else is new? It is SO very hot here and has been all this week. Back on the 'ol food program. I have not too compliant lately....

Raeanne, don't even START with the Mercury in retrograde thing again! You KNOW what happened last time! I simply cannot afford to repair/replace all of my appliances again!!! Lol! I am glad that you made a new kayaking friend.

BJ, I have "learn to fly" on my "life goals list". I am envious. I can't wait till we meet up next month!

Maddie, best wishes re the job. Thank goodness DeeMarie knew what's what!

Dee Marie, I think of you everytime I listen to my Nora Jones CD (which is often). Most of my meals for this week are planned using the Good Carb Cookbook. : )

John, I am off to take that test and see how old I am...


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