Replacement with what?

patmc102December 28, 2007

We had a big wind storm and my large outdoor table with glass was picked up and smashed to a thousand pieces. I need to replace the top of this table with something. I will not replace it with another piece of glass since it could happen again. I live right on a large river and the wind can at time get very gusty. I paid aroung $400.00 for the table and it is 6 years old. Should I replace or get another set this time without glass or is there a replacement suggestion that would not cost me a arm and a leg.

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You could cut a piece of plywood and paint it, or tile it. You could have a piece of metal or solid surface counter top cut.
Everyone I know with those glass top tables has had the same thing happen.

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How about acrylic? It's clear but won't smash like glass and you can now get cleaners to keep scratches invisible.

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The acrylic is lighter weight than glass. Anchoring it would be mandatory.

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Easily done if there's a 1/2" top ring or ledge around the table (the acrylic could be put in from underneath - there's often another 'layer' of ledge, etc. into which the glass normally slides in. Depends on the table, I guess.

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The same thing happened to us. We had a very expensive glass Telescope table that shattered. We just went to Lowe's and bought a cheap but heavy beige iron or aluminum powder coated one which matches our chairs perfectly.

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