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huckleberrysSeptember 20, 2005

Does anyone know about or have used a "Berkey light water filter system" ? I would like to purchase a water filter for the house we are building. We will be on well water. I would like some feed back on what filter systems are the best and do what they say they will do (remove pathogenic bateria, mercury, lead etc.) Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you, Shawna

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The best filter / system is the one that removes what you have that is objectionable / dangerous in your water.

Until you know what those things are, via a water test; you cannot know what filter / system best suits your needs.

There are people out there who will sell you whatever you're willing to buy; whether you need it or not . . .

Spend some money on a water test; you may well save that cost many times over in getting what you truly need; instead of what someone would love to sell you.


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Dr. Joe Schwarcz, a very well respected radio and lecture personality here in Montreal, who talks and lectures about chemistry has recommended ÂAquaspace products for water treatment, as the technology was developed by NASA. He is a PhD in chemistry and head of a chemistry department here at McGill University.

His radio program can also be heard over the Internet. ItÂs most interesting as he has single handedly made chemistry entertaining.

Here are some links you may find useful.


To listen live on the web, check this link for Sunday schedule.



Here is a link that might be useful: Aquaspace

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