Mildew Odor on Clothes

Cyd1900December 11, 2002

I just cleaned out my cedar closet and found that some of our winter clothing smells of a strong mildew odor. Regular laundering with fabric softener has not helped. Any suggestions?

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Use 1/4 cup vinegar plus enough water in place of fabric softener, to fill your softener reservoir.

Relaunder using exactly the required amount of soap, no extra. Using extra will cause the rinse water to not rinse completely, leaving odor in the clothes.

Laundering with this method should do the trick.

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Yep, vinegar should do the trick, as a rinse agent. Good Luck!

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To prevent mildew in the first place, every closet must be heated/ventilated.
Cedar smells nice and deters some moths, I think, but the key is to prevent stale humid air.. Clean dry air will not exist in houses long enough, particulary in the lower levels.
I would design a house with the middle section as a large storage area/closet/airduct. This would also be a place for electric and plumbing.

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I've left loads of laundry overnight a few times. I just run it through again witha little bit of bleach. That usually takes care of it.

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I would never use bleach on my stuff. We have only deep colors or black for clothing, sheets, towels and even the "color safe" bleach is not good for them. A little vinegar is OK.

Lee AKA Fireraven9
"Goddess Bless us, every one!" (my friend Marky)

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