Need help finding a HDTV that meets my requirements!

marcydcOctober 18, 2010

I need thin... Like 1-1.5" max. It's side is visible from the kitchen.

I don't want huge - 42" is probably the biggest we can do.

Need 1080p and 240hz if LED or whatever hz if plasma.

Don't need 3D.

I can't find a TV that's thin and not BIG.

Any suggestions? I've gotten so much help on the kitchen forums, I thought I'd try here!

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The TV itself is thin. Bases and/or wall mounts are what will stick out. So, it's all in how you mount it.

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We've already installed the in the wall type mount so it will be really flush to the wall. Need a TV that is not 3"+ without the stand. Would like its depth to be .9-1.5" like the big LED's (and a couple of plasma's).

Would like to spend

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Oh, and it needs a good wide viewing angle too since it's in an area that will be seen from both the kitchen and family room.

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You may just have to go down to Best buy or Costco or another store with a variety of models and check the sizes on them all.

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Have you tried a Samsung plasma? They make one model that is about an inch thick.

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Don't understand your 240 Hz "requirement". The 240 Hz scan idea came about because it's a common denominator that can be used for the multiple frame rate display of video at 60 Hz and film at 24 Hz (frame rate). Why do you need that for a 42" television you may see from the kitchen? In every other aspect you have a ton of choices available.

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We ended up ordering the samsumg plasma in the 1 inch thick variety.

y.b. the 240hz requirement came from my DH who saw the diff between 120 and 240 at best buy. But in reality, i think the plasma beats that anyway for not blurring fast action and messing with the viewing angle.

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