Broke antenna connection on back of TV and...

adelapSeptember 20, 2006

Hello, I have an oldish but good Panasonic TV Model: CT20G10T about 20" screen.

The antenna connection on the back of the TV got broken, so someone connected it for me with an audio/video, putting the tricolor 3 of them in the TV back and the other 3 into my Panasonic PV-D4745 VCR, and it works almost perfectly, but not quite...

When I turn off the TV, I get a snowy screen, and when I turn it on again it's still snowy, so I have to leave it on 24/7, otherwise it takes me forever to again get the picture...IF I get it.

When I turn off the VCR so it can do my daily timer tapings...the screen becomes snowy too so I can't have my timer tapings... I can change channels and volumes okay though.

Do you think I have this problem because I haven't connected from the TV antenna to the VCR? Or is there some other reason? It seems such a shame to have to get rid of my TV since otherwise it works just perfectly and with a great picture even though it's not a HDTV...

Thanks ever so much for any suggestions. Adela :)

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Assuming I'm understanding how you are describing this, you definetly need to have the TV antenna connected to your VCR.

The way you have this wired is that you're using the 'TV' tuner/receiver in your VCR to get your TV channels which are then converted to a video signal and passed along (via the 'tricolor' cables) to the video input of your TV set.

In other words you are not using the TV tuner in your TV. You'll be changing channels using your VCR and you'll proabably need to have your TV set to "video".

Hope this helps.

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