7p5441 c102 Chirping......????????????

handyman29September 19, 2008

I have a magnavox 7p5441 c102. I got it from a guy that said the power supply was bad. I tried turning it on and I hear a chirping sound everytime I press the power button. Unfortuneatly I have replaced the HV splitter and the flyback. I am thinking it is one of the horizontal output transistors that is located near the HV splitter. I noticed the noise is coming from either the HOT or a coil that is covered by a plastic encasing. I tested the HOT with the TV unplugged and got 1.9Kohms across SG and 1.5 m ohms across SD and nothing across DG. I also put the meter on diode test mode and it read shorted across SG and SD but not DG. I am thinking that it is bad but not sure because I have never tested a HOT before so I don't know how it should read. Can you please help me. Thank you


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