A dummies first renewable experience

toshcooeySeptember 30, 2008

Hi everyone, I'm a complete n00b (computer-geek-speak for a beginner) at anything more electrical than wiring a lamp directly into a socket. A friend of mine is one of the most respected analysts here in Germany for the renewable energy sector and manages some funds that I am invested in. To be a clever investor and support the sector I decided to switch my electricity provider to someone who provides 100% renewable-source energy. Great! Then six months later they raised the price :( what happened, did the sun get more expensive? Irritated I decided to look into my options...

Being in Berlin Germany the solar footprint is horrible and as strong winds have disturbed many a dinner on my rooftop I decided to use the wind to my advantage instead of constantly cursing it. I asked my renewable friend about small-scale wind generators and he told me about systems costing about $10,000! One day he realized that small boats have little wind generating systems and so we looked into those and ta-da.... Air Breeze Land. Deep Patel at GoGreenSolar was nice enough to sell for $600 what costs here in Germany over $1000 !!

So now what else do I need? I need a battery, an inverter, cables, mounting.

I've got the battery, an AGM 100ah weighing a hefty 32 kilos (sorry postman) and a 1000 WATT power inverter, like the kind people have in their cars with those ridiculous sound systems. I guess I need the cables and to figure out mounting.

I really have no idea what I'm doing, but how hard can it be, it's not rocket science!

So now I wait for the Air Breeze to clear customs and then write more about my progress as I go.


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I'm fascinated to read that you're planning a wind turbine in Berlin. I thought those things are not practical in an urban setting because of the noise. Am I missing something?

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