Phillips TS2746C221, chassis 27F800 7583

hardasdirtSeptember 18, 2008

Pee wee,

Ive got the gray screen, white lines, wave around kinda for ~10 seconds and then shut off problem. ive noticed others have had it too and have successfully fixed it. unfortunately i cant seem to locate the post that explains what, where, and how. if you could reference me to that post/pictures, or simply repost it here, i would be exceedingly grateful. Thank you for any and all assistance.


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i pulled the back of the set off and looked at the CRT PCB, found R3340 and noticed nothing. nothing on the whole board - resistors, diodes, capacitors etc. - was burned, smoked, destroyed. but i figured what the heck, its only a dollar. so i bought the resistors and some solder removal braid. when i had extracted the resistor my multimeter confirmed was dead. so i tossed a new one in and bam, it works.
therefore, even if it isnt burned up, if the symptoms fit the prognosis, swap R3340 for a new 10 ohm 1/2 watt from radio shack
thanks everyone for your help

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