Insulation in side walls

scott2006September 29, 2007

I have a house built in the 60's and only have about R 7 in the side walls ( Cleveland Ohio area). I was thinking about having someone blow in cellulose after I take the siding off for a reside job.

Anyone have any ideas on this or other insulation?


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For the money in an old house cellulose is the way to go. Cellulose will also help seal air leaks which is very important.

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Hi Scott I'm in Cleveland too and was thinking about insulating my old house too. Do you have any estimates on the cost of cellulose and are you actually going to remove all of your old siding and replace it?


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I priced it 4 years ago and it was about 2k for a 2500 sqft home.

They remove parts of the siding, drill 2" holes, blow in the insulation, patch the hole and replace the siding.

In Mass. the gov't would pay for half up to 1k. Check with various local utilities.

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