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lunchlady1948July 10, 2006

Good Morning Ladies!!

I have done nothing exciting to post yet, just wanted to get an early start of a GREAT week!!

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Good morning Lunch Lady....The morning is well under way here in TX...It is warm and probably won't change that part of it but it is still pleasant out at the moment....My chores are underway and getting ready to work out....

For breakfast this morning I had two corn tortillas with ...1/2 cup of refried fat free beans ...and pico de gallo....so good and filling and only 4 WW's points....

Just finished lunch and had a sandwich...on whole wheat...2 slices = 1 point...slice of cheese...low fat of course =1 pt...fresh homegrown tomatoe...didn't even count that...one half apple and 1/2 small peach= counted both as 2 points ...that's it...and I'm stuffed...have plenty of points left for snack this afternoon and a nice dinner...

On the grill last night I cooked porch chops, burgers, chicken, and salmon so meals for the next few days are practically done. I have potato salad, turnips and greens, fresh corn, brown rice, and anazasi's already cooked as well so there will be no slaving over the stove...I love cooking ahead...a salad or sliced fresh tomatoes and dinner is done...I made two loaves of Whole Wheat High fiber bread by a new recipe posted at the Cooking Forum and it was really good and it was "no fat"....

Gotta go fold laundry...Beloved is headed to town and I'm just hanging out here at the ranch....Have a great day all....Eat Good...

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HEY! Where is everyone???? Did you all go on a fun vacation and not share with me:)

I went to CURVES yesterday and had a good work out, going again today~~I want to make sure my legs are strong enough for walking those hills in San Francisco.

Trying to eat on program, Friday is my big weigh in day for being a Lifer:)

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Hey LL...Went to the gym this morning for a workout class and did the treadmill too. It felt good but I feel a little sore today from my workout yesterday...I am not full of vim and vigor today...is vim and vigor the same as the piss and vinegar that my Dad used to say...I'm eating good and staying on plan so the weight is still moving down...I was happy to be at 151 "again"....I am looking forward to making it into the 140's...even if its 149....LOL

Stay true to yourself and your eating plan and it will all work....I'm being brutally honest with myself and its so obvious to me that honesty is what it takes...If you have to own it to get rid of the bad habit then for goodness sakes...own it...

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YooooHooo WildChild where are you???? Are you out on a fun Red Hat adventure????

Ruthie I am not full of vim/vigor or piss/vinegar today:( I am just way too hot for anything!! I do not think we usually have this high heat so early in the year~~~it is usually late Aug and into Sept. SHEESH!!!

I ate good today, I did not exercise tho. My DD called as she was getting out of school and had me met her at the mall Bad Girl!!! Her GF is on a vacation with her DH. When they get back she will be hanging out with them again and leave me alone:) Like I really hate going to the mall HeeHee.

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Geeze I was up again this morning...I will never get out of the 150's it seems...I thought sure I would make it today or tomorrow...but I can see it ain't going to happen....wahnnnnnnnnnnnnn that's me crying like a spoiled kid...I so want to hit that 140's mark..

Going to workout this afternoon and am looking forward to it...I love doing it and I just heard that the senior citizens center here offers a really good yoga class so I want to check that out too....

Going to eat good today and pray that I get somewhere close to the 140's soon..Have a good POP day all.

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Ruthie you will get there, just relax and enjoy your new eating lifestyle and all of the fun exercise you are getting into:) You must be meeting some really nice people too??

Today I am fasting/clear liquids preping for a colon scope exam tomorrow am. I am thinking hmmm I wonder how many pounds I can drop doing this:) It is hot already, I am not planning on going to CURVES or doing much today~~~not eating makes me shaky:( After my DH had his a couple of months ago we went right out for a big breakfast~~~he wants to do the same tomorrow. But, I told him no I will come home and eat oatmeal. Eating brekkie out is the worst ever meal for me too many no-no's.

I am planning on looking into Yoga also, I was going to do it next week, but I will be gone for two weeks after that so maybe when I get back. My older DD does it and she says it works you out and you do not even know it~~~she thinks it will help me tighten up my stomach. That is my biggest problem spot~~oh and my flabby underams, but you can not tighten them up just hide them~~~I love 3/4 length tops:)

Have a great day:)

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I love that quote...gonna make it my motto...yoga and pilates also strengthen the muscles that you need to be stable...to help you with balance and that kind of thing so it is important as we wander down the path to old age that we maintain those core muscles...

Fit TV has some really good programs and I have my Tivo set to record them. I actually think I will start doing some of them at home...also the SparkPeople website has demos of them...such a great site I am so glad someone on the forums suggested it...

I'm feeling a little tired today might be because I had two really good workouts on consecutive days....might slow down for a day or two until I feel rested...Doing ok though now with the weight loss thing now so don't you be concerned...

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I got the quote from a poster at my CURVES studio, I think it suits us???

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Hi everyone. I am still here. Spent most of the weekend with my DD and wore myself out. We played and played some more LOL.

On Sat.we dressed like pirates and went to see the Dead Man's Chest. After we went to her house for a BBQ. On Sun. we went for the last day of the fair. One of the horse trainers at the track gave me some passes to come back when I was there on Thurs. so I took DD.

DD and I love all animals. She rents so she keeps rats. Last week a rat she planned to add to her family died tragically before she got him. She's had some health problems lately and has been trying to upgrade her insurance and just learned she'd been turned down. She replaced a headlight last week on her car and the other burned out this week. One thing after another. She's dealing with the family curse just now. She does a lot of work at home and her new computer service went wonky.

I'm still plugging along. With all the eating out I've been doing I will probably just maintain this week but that's OK as long as the scale doesn't go up.

Ruthie, this may sound strange but many times in the past I have broken a plateau by just going out and eating whatever I want. A patty melt or a huge omelette...that sort of thing. Then boom the weight starts coming off again. Weird I know but I think sometimes your metabolism needs a shock to get working again.

LL I inherited the fat, flabby arm thing also. Wish they made more 3/4 sleeved things. I even considered surgery but I understand the scarring is so bad that most patients end up wearing long sleeves to hide them so what's the point.

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Thanks for the encouragement LL....I am just going on about my business and am not going to worry about it. I was still at 152 this morning but down by several 10ths so to heck with it...I am going to stretch and tone class this morning and will get a workout on the treadmill before class...I know from the tape measure that I am making great improvements so I am just going to let what happens with the scale happen. I am eating right and that's the best I can do. For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of cereal with fat free milk and a fresh peach...so I still have points left for a mid morning snack if need be...

I really like eating healthy because I feel so much better so it isn't a chore for me to stay on plan. It helps that I like all those things that are good for you...well there isn't much I don't like...LOL

Gotta go as it is getting close to class time and I have a couple of things to do...Eat good and have a great day..

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Sure got my but kicked in class today...I am already getting stiff and sore...I felt the burn right away and knew what was coming. I think it also has to d with the fact that I couldn't keep up when I first started but now I make it all the way through...obviously it ain't easy on me but I am making it....Tomorrow is a regular workout night so hope I am limbered up some by then...Ugh getting old is hell.

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Ruthie, you really get out there! I am getting too lazy:( The heat zaps me (whine~~whine:). I went over and joined the SparkPeople site?? What do you like best about it?? What parts do you use most??

WC glad to see you back:) Sounds like you have a DD like mine losts of fun and lots of things going 'wonky':) How old is she???

I had my colon scope thingie today and have been eating everything since I got home:( Acting like I was a starved person for weeks not just one day!! I could not make it to CURVES tho~~I did not sleep well last night and feel a bit 'wonky' :) I am going tomorrow of course I have to do my pre weigh in there to make sure I am ready for my real weigh in a WW's~~~who am I fooling???

LOL!!! WC you dressed like pirates to go see the movie?? how fun is that?? Was it good?? Did others dress up??? I am too cheap to go to the movies I wait for it to come out in DVD and one of the kids will buy it or I will rent it:)

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Arrrrgh. If only I were a real pirate DH would be walking the plank.LOL I send him to Subway for a turkey on white Italian with veggies no mayo or oil and he brings it home on bread that loks like it had cheese doodles baked in. I say "do you not notice the layer of greasy topping?" It was the only Italian they had he says. ARRRRGH. Now he's off to Arbys to get me a SMALL PLAIN roast beef.

I am cranky. I have a pulled muscle in my left calf. It hurts whenever I stand up. Once I get walking it is OK. I am worried because last year I popped a bicep tendon and this feels similar. I don't know how it happened. I just woke up with it.

Yes we dressed like pirates along with one other brave soul who came with us. DD is 30. I do recommend going to the theatre to see Dead Man's Chest. I will buy the DVD when it comes out but the special effects really need to be seen on the large screen.

Here is a link to me in my pirate persona. The pic is a couple years old. I no longer have bangs and my hair is longer now. My pic the 9th post on the thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wildchild Pirate

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DARN!!! This the second time today I have had to login~~~Whats Up With That????

WC~~~you make a good pirate:) You could give Johnny a run for his money:) I bet you two had a blast!

Sorry about your leg:(

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WC sounds like such fun and loved the picture...you look so young...LL I did the eating thing too...Had neighbors over for happy hour and I made some nibbles and I nibbled myself...I didn't eat any more though and I guess that helped...I was down to 151.8 again this morning so we will see if I did any damage to myself...Going to continue staying on plan and working out...Will do a workout at the gym today on the treadmill, bike and weight machines so that will help...It took me all day to recover from the exercise session yesterday ...I just keep telling myself that it is good for me to ache....LOL

Ladies it's TGIF so take care and have a great weekend but do right by yourselves...

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What I forgot to tell you was....the part I like about SparkPeople is all the information they have available...I signed up for the emails and they have good suggestions, exercises etc...I really like that site.

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Good Morning Ladies :)

Today is the big LifeTime weigh in for me:) I do feel tho that I ate so much like a big piggy yesterday after my test that I will not do well:( I am going to CURVES first so I will weigh there and see:( Silly how I feel that if I eat bad one day or :( two:( that I will gain all my weight back that fast. I can see how gals get eating disorders.

I have nothing planned for the weekend and I am happy about that!! I just read the paper and it is going to be hotter than usually this weekend a scorcher they say:( It has been 103-105 each day how much hotter can it get and we are having some bad fires.

Have a nice week end ladies

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I was a bit nervous about my weigh in. At my CURVES pre weigh in I was up~~WW's scales weigh less but I still had gained 1.5 pounds on the WW's scales as compared to last Friday. BUT it was still less than my goal weight so I will not beat myself up for that!! I went into this just wanting to get anywhere under 150, so 143.5 is not bad!!

I did not get another charm for my key chain, they give you a lifer memebership card:( I wanted a charm LOL!! But, my WW's leader gave me flowers:) I was so surprised and a very nice framed quote to help you stay on task:) She really is a sweatheart! I know she has to pay for them herself, so that makes it extra special. She had me come up and tell everyone what I liked about the plan and what I did that helped me make it work:) I do Core and she had me talk about why I chose that since most folks do not do it. I thought I was done and she said NO there is one more thing you did that worked best for you?? I could not think of it and the other gals were trying to help me think too:)
Finally she says 'you never missed a meeting' YES!! That is true and it did help alot! She wanted the others to know how important that is:)

As I was leaving I went to chat with the receptionist (a man who has lost 66lbs) he told me I should apply for a job with WW's, the leader talked to me about that too~~~I would maybe do the weigh ins (receptionist). But, never a leader you have to know too much:) I wonder how much they pay and how often you do it? I already have a 10-2 job during the school year do I want more?? Not really but then I thought maybe that would be good for me to help keep my weight off. What do you think??

It was 107 here yesterday and is going to be hotter today how can that be?????? WC what is it like up in your area??? I am going to be in Frisco in a couple of weeks and up in Santa Cruz also. Is it going to be cooler for me?? I want it alot cooler????

WC have you ever been to Half Moon Bay?? I am reading a book that part of it takes place there?? I think I will have my DH drive through it just so I can say I was there:)

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Congrats on the big acheivment.......proud of you...I've spent the last 2 days with a stomach virus or something of that sort...and you would think that I would have lost lots of weight seeing as I haven't eaten much and what I've eating didn't stick around long....Wrong.....

I won't be eating much today but I feel a bit better...ready for this thing to go away....my husband cleaned up a bit in the kitchen and went out to get food for us and he came back with fried chicken...now I didn't eat any fried chicken cause I was mostly doing soup but he had some masked potatoes and gravy and biscuits from church's and that was the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten....I did'nt eat much of them but I will remember forever how wonderful they tasted...

Gonna take it east today....

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ha ha ...that's mashed potatoes...not masked potatoes...

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