anyone trying the alli diet pill?

cindee11461July 9, 2007

Just wondered how well it works or if it does. I didn't want to spend 50.00 on a scam. Thanks in advance(-:

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All diet pills are scams.

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I've heard that people are having really nasty side effects. You won't want to be too far away from a bathroom.

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My friend tried it. There is NO way you could have social life using it. She was talking to me on the phone and felt something "funny". She had a HUGE greasey spot on her panties (thank goodness she was home). She said you HAVE to were a pad ALL the time because your bum just seeps grease. I think I'll pass on Alli :-(

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Hi just wanted to let you know i have been taking it since 7/16 and have lost 12lbs(yesssss)as of today. No really bad side effects and i know if i stray from my diet there may be, so i stick with it. As long as you follow the diet and not eat alot of fat it works really well.

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Have you had ANY of those bad side affects from it - it's like an accident waiting to happen...

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The news reports are saying a case of the "Alli-Oooops" is more likely to happen than not. The package insert reportedly advises people to bring an extra pair of trousers to work and to wear dark clothing. Yiiiiiiii!

The drug appears to be a method of policing fat intake for those who have a hard time staying within healthy fat-intake limits. The company's own product research indicates that Alli leaches essential vitamins from the body, therefore you should be taking supplements if you take this drug. I seriously considered taking it until I heard about the body's vitamin loss---not worth it for me.

Of course, ask your doc before you venture down the "Alli-way." There might be a simpler, less messy way to go about limiting fat intake and adding exercise to your daily routine.

You're worth it! EXPLORE *ALL* POSSIBILITIES! :-)

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You are SO right. I heard of a few nightmares w/ it. You HAVE to wear a pad ALL the time b/c. It also makes you gassy SO don't even think you're gonna sneak one out, LOL! As far as depleating the vitamins, my friend said she's SO much more tired all time now. I think there's going to be many embarassing photos on the net of alli oops, lol! There has to be a better way of keeping fat in check. I've been working out more it has helped. Thanks for the advice, hope to see ya post more!

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I can recommend a reputable pharmacy. I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy Alli Online

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lol that is what the drug was meant to do, take fats out of the body so they are not absorbed. You have a choice taking them, limit your fats or suffer the results. If I had that kind of self control I wouldn't have a weight problem to begin with.

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